These days, industrial label printers offer many types of labels for asset tags and inventory tracking, but some labels simply aren’t as durable or long-lasting as others. Labels are an essential part of asset management, so you don’t want to settle for just any type of label. Traditional labels lack temperature resistance and may not stand up to the different environments your assets are exposed to.

If you’re looking for something that will last through harsh conditions and provide additional protection against potential exposure to tough environments, durable labels or heavy-duty labels are the way to go. Here are six reasons you should use heavy-duty labels for your business.

heavy duty labels

1. They’re More Durable in Harsh Environments

Heavy-duty labels are made of durable materials that are waterproof and resistant to hazardous chemicals, UV rays and more. Many also come with abrasion resistance and meet strict durability requirements. While some label materials easily shed paint and get damaged by UV light, heavy-duty labels perform properly under a wide variety of climate and temperature extremes.

Heavy-duty labels are also a great choice for many worksites that use heavy equipment or other assets in unforgiving environments. Many types of outdoor equipment and construction equipment are repeatedly exposed to extreme conditions. This prolonged exposure can damage standard labels, so they have to be replaced often. Durable labels can withstand prolonged exposure and ensure your valuable assets can always be scanned or read for the most accurate information. That makes them perfect for tagging equipment in harsh environments like oil drilling or ore mining sites where labels need to stay on no matter what happens around them.

The Durability of Metal Labels

Companies that regularly work with chemicals and in extreme conditions need their equipment and asset labels to be reliable, readable and resistant to the elements. It’s no surprise that metal labels are the industry standard for the military and the oil and gas industry. Metal labels have a number of advantages over just about any other material, including extreme durability, chemical resistance and weather resistance. If your company needs the best of the best, look no further than custom metal labels.

2. They’re Resistant to Contaminants Such as Dust, Dirt and Oil

One of the most important benefits of heavy-duty labels is their ability to resist damage. As many companies know, a worksite isn’t always the most hospitable environment. Equipment in an industrial setting can encounter dust, dirt and other contaminants, as well as oils and chemicals that can damage the surface of a label. Businesses in industries ranging from construction and manufacturing to energy and utilities can benefit from using durable asset labels. Durable labels won’t fade or decay when they get dirty, and they can be cleaned with harsh chemicals without worrying about causing damage.

3. They Can Stand up to Temperature Extremes

Durable labels are resistant to UV damage, chemicals and corrosion. This makes them ideal for use in the most extreme climate conditions. The adhesive on heavy-duty labels is designed to withstand the most demanding environments, including water exposure and harsh chemicals. This makes them an excellent choice for asset labels on equipment that works in extreme temperatures. You won’t have to worry about barcode scanning issues because the label will remain in good condition no matter what environmental challenges it encounters.

4. They’re Legible in Every Situation

Heavy-duty labels are designed to be more legible than regular labels. You’ll no doubt notice how legible these labels remain regardless of how much time has passed since they were initially applied. This helps simplify the asset-tracking process by making sure assets don’t get lost because of labels that can’t be scanned or identified. Metal labels can be embossed with raised text for extra legibility. This ensures you can identify the tags from afar or in dim lighting conditions.

From industrial labels to barcode labels, a heavy-duty label makes it easy to get the information you need at a glance. Also, as they’re made from materials that aren’t affected by weather or temperature changes — like heat or cold — you’ll never have a problem reading your label if it gets dirty or wet.

5. They Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons you should use heavy-duty labels is the potential cost savings. Since they last longer and don’t need to be replaced as often as most labels, a heavy-duty label can save your company money. You won’t have to budget to purchase endless supplies of new labels for your truck fleets, industrial equipment and other assets. Heavy-duty labels also don’t need to be updated as often, which can cut down on costs in the long run.

6. A Durable, Heavy-Duty Label Is Easy to Apply

Because they have industrial-strength metal adhesive, heavy-duty labels are exceptionally easy to install and remove, and they won’t leave residue or damage the surface of your equipment. Once applied, the label will stay put until you decide to remove it, making labeling much easier.

Heavy-Duty Labels for Your Business

Heavy-Duty Labels for Your Business

From construction to aerospace engineering, if you’re in an industry where your labels have to hold up under harsh conditions and last through tough times, heavy-duty labels for equipment are the way to go. They’re more durable than standard labels, they look great in all situations and they work well every time. For these reasons, we recommend using heavy-duty labels for any application that involves long-term use or rough environments.

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