No matter the industry you’re in, no matter the size of your business; securing your valuable assets is a high priority. In addition, misplaced or misused equipment leads to costly mistakes and errors. Theft is also a real possibility for which you should prepare. You could lose not only expensive parts and machinery, but inventory, technology, and even data.

Don’t leave your company at risk. These 5 security solutions will help protect your assets.

1. Metal Asset Tags

Barcode tags are scanned and put into an inventory management system. Depending on your needs and the software you use, you’re able to input and track a ton of information about your fixed assets. This includes everything from location updates to inventory numbers, equipment condition, and more.

Serialized tags are a more basic form of asset tag. They’re perfect for numbering your equipment and maintaining accountability. Embossed aluminum or stainless tags hold up in all conditions (even the roughest work environments). In addition to durability, they are also cost-effective to produce in large quantities. This means tracking your organization’s physical assets won’t break the bank.

2. Surveillance Systems

Camera systems are one of the most common types of security as part of an asset protection plan. They are used from convenient stores to fortune 500 warehouses to ensure that any illicit activity is monitored and recorded.

A great way to deter would-be thieves is to make them think twice before they act. Plus, surveillance video footage is a great aid to have if a crime is committed. Having evidence your expensive machine was stolen is also much better than the alternative.

3. Anti-Theft Decals/Labels

Want a simple way to deter theft of your products, equipment, or other assets? Anti-theft decals are a quick way to add a little bit of security to your asset management.

Security laminated decals leave a noticeable “VOID” marking upon a surface if they are removed. This also prevents resale, and helps to deter theft in the first place.

They are also produced with custom information, allowing for a wide range of use outside of just security.


4. Laptop/Computer locks

Modern technology is expensive and often caries confidential or vital information about your business. Unfortunately, a stolen laptop is not the rarest occurrence in the business world. Don’t let your valuable data remain vulnerable. Specialty laptop locks are made for attaching directly to computers. This low-tech solution is an excellent way to protect your business assets. Plus, they are simple to use, and don’t require ongoing investment.

5. GPS Tracking

If you want to know where your assets are 24/7, GPS tracking might be the right option for you. By utilizing satellite information, GPS systems give you constant location updates.

GPS trackers are applied to any type of asset, equipment, or machinery to provide total traceability.

Many forms of technology including cell phones, laptops, tablets, and more have built in GPS. These systems also don’t require any additional attachments.


None of these solutions are perfect on their own. Combining them leads to excellent results. For example, utilizing both camera surveillance and barcode tags means you will have total accountability for your equipment and asset tracking system.

Plus, you’ll have peace of mind by securing assets before an incident occurs. Better protect your company’s assets (and bottom line).

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