The modern supply chain has advanced so rapidly in recent years. Processes have become more efficient, times are drastically reduced, and competition is at an all-time high. Companies like Amazon and Target are pushing for one-day shipping becoming the new standard.

These advancements along with the ease and access of e-commerce have led to incredibly high expectations. Both businesses and consumers expect their product delivered yesterday. As such, managing warehouses and inventories has become an increasing challenge.

Supply chains require instant and accurate information to stay competitive in the current environment. One of the most reliable and simple to implement solutions is metal inventory tagging.

What Are They Used For?

Inventory Management

Metal inventory tags primarily serve as a tool to monitor and manage warehouse inventory. With the advent of current computer software, tracking can provide a wealth of information. With just a simple barcode scan, products can be tracked nearly in real-time as they move, supply levels can be monitored, and overall efficiency can be vetted.

Ultimately the purpose of inventory tags is to provide as much detailed information to decision-makers as possible. The higher quantity and quality of information that they have access to, the better their decision making can be.

What if your industry has a very specific type of data you need to register? Barcode tags are versatile enough to accommodate the needs of any industry.

Asset Management/Traceability

Inventory tags and labels don’t have to track only inventory. They can also be used in a similar fashion to monitor and track fixed assets. This can provide crucial data to make organizations run as effectively and efficiently as possible. In addition, provides a source of traceability in the event of theft.


Everything in a warehouse needs to be labeled. From storage racks, to forklifts, to safety signs – proper labeling is important. These labels may or may not include a barcode or other designs. They might simply be plain text to indicate a part number or a specific item which is stored in that location.

Types of Inventory Tags

Barcode Tags

The majority of inventory tags feature a barcode for scanning. This allows the computer software to encode and process all of the information being exchanged. Keep in mind that implementing a barcode scanning system requires an investment in the equipment. That being said, it is almost a mandatory investment if your inventory processing is going to stay competitive in today’s supply chain climate.

Quickpull Barcode MetalPhoto Tags

Barcode Tags can include:

  • UPC Code
    • Lined barcode (Like the ones used on supermarket items)
  • QR Code
    • Made up of black and white squares
    • Used for industrial as well as consumer applications
  • Data Matrix Code
    • Can fit a large amount of info into a small location
    • Fit onto small inventory items or confined areas.

Industries That Use Inventory Tags

Due to the versatility of inventory nameplates, industries across the board utilize these tags to fit their needs. Some industry examples include:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • And Many More!

Process Options

Photo Anodization

If durability is a concern for your tags, look no further than photo anodization. This process embeds information underneath layers of protective aluminum, providing an incredibly long-lasting solution.

These metal inventory tags make for a great way to mark your warehouse racks or storage areas as they can take years of wear and tear before losing their legibility. They are mountable using holes, or even with an adhesive backing.

Digital Printing

For many warehouses, tagging inventory means using a solution which gets the job done, but ultimately isn’t meant to be permanent. This is where custom labels and decals shine best.

These decals still include high quality barcodes and other designs, as well as feature full color. With adhesive on the back, decals are easy to affix to any surface.


Inventory tags provide everything warehouse managers and their staff need to effectively complete their goals. They increase operational efficiency and eliminate mistakes. In addition, with access to significant amounts of data, decision-makers will be aware of potential issues or bottlenecks sooner.

For companies looking to source metal tags domestically in the United States, Metal Marker can help.