Custom metal labels are used for a wide range of identification purposes. From marking equipment to identifying tools, they are an important component of many industries.

What distinguishes metal labels from other tags or nameplates? They are often made from thinner material, which provides more of a label-like quality (i.e. more flexible).

Metal labels also typically feature an adhesive backing to make attaching them a breeze. Simply peel and stick for a long-lasting hold.

What Are Metal Labels Used For?

Barcode Labels

One of the best reasons to use metal labels is the ability to add a barcode to anything you need. UPC barcodes, QR codes, and data matrix codes condense information into a small space. While they are typically used for inventory or asset tracking, these codes can store any data you require.

UID Labels

Coinciding with barcode labels are UID labels. UID (also called IUID) is a system which creates unique identification for military assets. The military mandates the usage of UID labels (per MIL-STD-130).

UID IUID Mil Std 130 Example Tag Property of US Government

Metal IUID labels contain a data matrix code, as well as other identifying information.


Of course, labels are not solely used for utility purposes. They are also a great way to promote a company. Many equipment manufacturers will include an aluminum label on the machines they produce with their company branding.

While it may seem unnecessary, a simple business logo placed on a machine can generate future sales and even build brand loyalty and awareness.

Metal labels can also be used to apply business logos to in-house equipment, tools, and other company owned assets.

Warning Labels

Safety is one of the most important elements of any organization. Every company strives to keep their employees and customers safe. One of the most effective ways to establish safety is through warning labels.

Safety Tags Decals Label Full Color

Properly labeling potential hazards is a simple way to prevent mistakes, accidents, and injuries. Metal safety labels provide additional peace of mind as they are long-lasting and won’t quickly become unreadable.

Warehouse Labeling

One of the most common applications for labeling is in warehouses. Barcode tags are typically utilized to provide an easy way to maintain and monitor inventory. A simple QR code or UPC code simplifies the inventory management process.

Metal Inventory Tags

Label use doesn’t have to be exclusively for inventory. They can be used to mark shelves, racks, or other warehouse equipment.

Asset Management/Traceability

In addition to managing inventory, another key problem many organizations face is asset traceability. They turn to custom metal labels to provide a simple but effective solution. Whether it be a code to scan or a serialized number, tracking assets becomes much easier when using labels.

Industries That Use Metal Labels

Due to the versatility of metal labels, industries across the board utilize these markers to fit their needs. Some industry examples include:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Energy
  • And Many More!

Process Options

Photo Anodization

The most popular process for custom metal labels is photo anodization. Unlike traditional methods of stamping or embossing, photo anodization directly embeds a design into layers of anodized aluminum.

Since the information does not need to be pressed in with a stamp, this process is perfect for thin metal labels.

MetalPhoto Sample Metal Marker Manufacturing .020 Satin

Many industrial applications include tough environments for tools and equipment. Fortunately, photo anodization is durable enough to handle it. Your information will hold up through chemical exposure, water, sunlight, and wear.

In addition, a matte finish can be added to make your barcode labels easier to scan.

Digital Printing

For instances when metal labels aren’t the right fit, labels can also be printed on poly or vinyl material. This process allows for full color logos and designs on the labels. However, since the printing is topical, it is more prone to be scraped or scratched away.


In short, metal labels are one of the most versatile identification solutions. They are able to adapt to a wide range of industries and applications. From providing traceability for military assets to adding a logo onto the side of your equipment; the options are endless.