Embossing Process

An embossed metal tag is created using a male and female die set. When pressed together, these dies create a raised design in the metal substrate. While aluminum is often the most preferred material choice, stainless steel and other metals can be embossed as well.

The embossing process is often compared to the stamping process, as they are very similar. However, stamping involves using a single stamp to press indented designs into the material.

Why Choose Embossing?

Embossed tags offer many benefits that few other nameplates can compete with. For example, if you select a stamped metal tag and it gets exposed to a muddy construction site, the odds of it staying readable are really low. On the other hand, a quality made embossed tag will remain legible. Embossed tags stay easy to read even when exposed to mud, dirt, grime, and even paint.

Another benefit that embossing has is that it typically uses thinner material than some other process options. This allows for material pricing remain as low as possible.


One thing to keep in mind is that this process is best suited for large scale production runs. If you need 10,000 tags each marked with a number from 1-10,000 serialized embossed tags are a perfect solution.

While high quantities can be produced at a quick and economical rate, order sizes of just a handful of tags are going to be cost prohibitive. The bulk of the cost comes from the lengthy setup time. Once it is setup, cranking out several thousand tags is easy.

If you do need smaller quantities, there are other methods you can look at such as variable data embossing machines.


You may have heard someone talk about serialized tags, numbered nameplates, or even sequential numbered plates. All of these terms refer to the same concept: metal identification plates that are numbered in a sequential manner.


As with most custom identification solutions, there are a million potential applications. Some of the most common uses for serialized embossed nameplates include:

Asset Tags

The most common usage for serialized number tags is for asset tagging. While some organizations have the need and resources to implement a complex barcode scanning system for their assets, some prefer to keep things simpler.

By marking each asset with a unique number, documenting and tracking assets becomes a much simpler task.

Utility Pole Tags

If you have ever noticed the telephone poles lining the street while driving, you may notice they are often affixed with metal numbers.

Utility Telephone Pole Metal Tags

Their purpose can range from identifying coordinates to number coding, however the most common usage is to sequentially number the utility poles. This improves communication when the poles are inspected or problems arise.

Valve Tags

Similarly to utility pole marking, an energy company may choose to mark their valves each with a unique number 1-100. If there is a problem with one, they can mark down that valve 87 needs repaired. For example, an out of service fire hydrant can be fitted with an ID tag marking “No Not Use” or something similar.

Embossed Metal Steam Trap Tag 0001

This makes servicing the valves much easier and eliminates a ton of wasted time or mistakes.

Job Tags

One of the most popular uses for serialized numbers is job tagging. This is a little bit different than the other applications as organizations which use this method use sets of numbers instead of one large set. They might require 100 sets of each number 1-10, as opposed to a single set of 1-100.

For example, an auto shop may work on 5 identical car engines simultaneously. It could be really easy to mix up which part belongs to which engine. In this case, they could use job tags to separate the parts and correctly label them.


Numbered embossing is used by organizations in nearly every industrial sector. Just a few of the many examples include:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Seafood Procurement
  • Telecommunications
  • And Many More!


Embossed serialized tags are a very simple but useful solution that organizations in many industries rely on. They provide a simple way to track assets, parts, and other items in a clear and concise manner. By adding a series of numbers, assets can be easily separated and monitored.

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