Aluminum tags are a perfect color metal tags choice for industries like manufacturing, telecommunication, or other applications. The aluminum is treated with an electrochemical process. This process improves the resistance to corrosion by adding an anodized layer to the surface of the aluminum. During the anodizing process, any color can be added for a stand-out appearance or color-coding purposes. The color is literally embedded into the aluminum!

Metal Marker is the prime manufacturer of wholesale aluminum tags and other metal identification tags – made right here in the USA. We offer fully custom designs of any shape, size, or color. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to us on our website or give us a call.

Why Should Your Business Use Aluminum Tags?

There are many reasons why you might choose aluminum tags over other metal tags. Read on to find out why:

Color Choices

Need your aluminum tags to stand out? We offer a wide range of colors for any industry needs. Coloring the anodized aluminum tags allows for color-coding, branding colors, or high contrast colors for increased visibility. Unlike stainless steel or brass tags, the bright silver color of aluminum tags are great for low visibility environments, or just to make the message pop.

While adding a surface color is possible on a variety of tags, only anodized aluminum tags have the dye embedded into the material itself. This is then sealed with a thick anodized layer for added durability.

This coating makes anodized aluminum tags perfect at withstanding temperatures from freezing cold to boiling hot. These tags will withstand harsh chemicals, wear and tear, and anything else you throw at them.

Durable and Scratch Resistant

Whether your aluminum tags are going in a warehouse full of chemicals or a rainy construction site, durability is always a concern. Aluminum labels are made to withstand temperatures of tough environments in nearly any industry.

The anodized coating introduces anti-corrosive properties to the aluminum, allowing it to withstand water and chemical exposure, making it perfect for outdoor applications. The aluminum tags are also strong enough to last through various harsh weather conditions and high temperatures.

Unmatched Readability

The bright silver color of these aluminum tags is extremely reflective and easy to read. Pair this with a strong processing choice and your tags will become a permanent part of the equipment you put them on.

Processing Options For Aluminum Tags

Metal Marker is ready to assist you with any custom project or design requirements that you may have. Whether it’s an intricate logo or a simple image, we can help bring your ideas to life through these different processing options for blank aluminum tags.


Embossing stamping embeds the design upwards into the blank tags leaving raised characters when it is complete. These raised impressions are not only durable but also very easy to read.

Need your aluminum tags in a series of numbers or different info on each tag? Embossed aluminum tags are perfect for serialization as well as variable information.

Photo Anodizing

Photo anodized aluminum tags are only available with aluminum material. This process is versatile due to its durability and customization.

MetalPhoto anodized aluminum tags are rated for 20+ years outdoors in all weather conditions and harsh environments. Plus, unlike dye-based printing, the design can’t simply be scratched off or worn away.

Think Aluminum Tags Are Right For You?

Image of an engraved tag

Anodized aluminum tags are suitable for many uses, including marking poles, tracking inventory, and identifying machines. These tags can withstand many different environments, so they’re suitable for a host of applications. Once you know your company wants to use aluminum tags, you have to find the best ones for the task at hand. Some companies may need multiple types of aluminum tags.

When you work with Metal Marker Manufacturing Company, you can discuss your metal tags needs with us and we’ll let you know what we have to meet those requirements. Customers sometimes ask for a specific tag when it isn’t a good fit for what they plan to use it for. In those cases, we can explain why you should choose a different type of tag.

Aluminum tags have many uses. The possibilities depend on the industry your company is involved in as well as many other factors. At Metal Marker Manufacturing Company, we understand that customization of these tags is important.

Let Metal Marker Manufacturing Company Help You Find the Best Aluminum Tags

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