Does your organization have a need for metal cable ties? Metal Marker offers heavy-duty metal cable ties that are perfect for many applications. We specialize in working with our customers to develop a solution to best meet their needs.

Highly durable and easy to read, cable ties are used in a wide range of environments, industries, and organizations. They are able to wrap around a cylinder and attach, not only creating a lasting cable management solution, but also an identification solution that will stay in place for decades.

At Metal Marker, we don’t make products out of a catalog. We produce high-quality custom identification tag solutions to fit what you need.

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Brass-Metal-Band Brass-Metal-Band
Metal-Cable-Band-For-Hydraulic Metal-Cable-Band-For-Hydraulic
Cable-Ties-For-Hoses-Metal-Tag Cable-Ties-For-Hoses-Metal-Tag
Embossed-Cable-Tie-Band Embossed-Cable-Tie-Band
Custom-Cable-Tie-With-Embossed-Label Custom-Cable-Tie-With-Embossed-Label



Metal cable ties are used for a wide range of purposes. Their main function is for identification. Unlike plastic ties or nylon cable ties, these self-locking metal zip ties allow for important information to be attached and displayed all while boasting a higher level of tensile strength.

The locking mechanism in our cable ties is best suited for basic holding needs. The tag loops through itself, and folds over creating a hold. This is releasable if necessary, although the metal will be warped into that position.

For example, if you have a maze of pipes, being able to quickly and easily identify each one is a major time saver. In addition, they improve safety by clearly identifying hazards and preventing errors. Metal cable ties are also non-flammable as opposed to certain nylon zip ties.

Another example would be using these fasteners to manage the bundling of wiring and label it properly.

More applications include:

  • Hydraulics
  • Wiring
  • Cables
  • Harnesses
  • Piping
  • Shafts
  • Many More

Stamped/Embossed Characters

The two main processes used for custom cable ties are stamping and embossing.

Stamped cable ties feature indented characters, while embossing creates raised characters. Both processes are corrosion-resistant and provide excellent legibility.

Which industries use cable ties?


Almost any industry you can think of has uses for cable ties. If there is a use of wires or cables, cable ties are crucial to keeping things safe and organized.

For example, the electrical and power industries use a ton of cables. Keeping the cables organized is crucial.

Another frequent usage is for marking hydraulic hose identification.

They also often subject their materials to all weather conditions, industrial environments, and more.

In many industries, durability is standard, not optional. Metal tags and ties are utilized to maintain that standard of quality and toughness that is necessary.

Additionally, they are able to provide essential information at the same time. Even something as simple as a warning message or a service number to call can make a big difference.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Hydraulics
  • Power
  • Plumbing
  • And more


When you are looking for the right cable ties, durability should weigh heavily on your decision.

For some users, cable ties are just set and forget. They aren’t going to face any inclement extreme conditions. They don’t need customized information on them. In those instances, regular nylon plastic zip ties with polyester coating might do the job.

However, if your ties are going to be exposed to the grit and grime of working conditions, metal ties are a more viable solution.

They are designed to hold up to even the most adverse conditions. Weather is something you can’t avoid, but with metal ties, you don’t have to worry. They can hold up in inclement weather conditions. They will even stay strong in low or extreme temperatures.

If your work involves chemicals, it is possible they could come into contact with the ties. Unless the chemicals are extreme or disintegrate metal, you are generally pretty safe depending on the material. Chemical plants nationwide, for example prefer stainless steel ties for their operations.

Of course, there will naturally be wear and tear from use. As with anything in the working world, they’ll get bumped, knocked, and scraped. However, due to their high durability, they will be fine outside of extreme forces.

This is a major upgrade from using plastic cable ties. While nylon ties definitely have their purpose, metal ties are the standard when it comes to heavy-duty work.

What about the information on the tag? Won’t it wear off?

The information is not printed on the cable ties. There are no paints, inks, or colors to get scraped off or fade away. At Metal Marker Manufacturing, we use specialty tools to stamp and emboss your information. By stamping or embossing the metal, you ensure that the information will remain legible even after taking plenty of use and abuse.


Stainless steel cable ties

An important thing to consider when looking for metal cable ties is the material you select, as it will have an impact on durability and thickness. One can choose between aluminum cable ties, brass cable ties and stainless steel cable ties.

Aluminum cable ties are the most popular options due to their durability and lightweight. They can hold up to inclement weather, harsh chemicals, and more. They are extremely easy to apply because of the flexibility of the material. Unlike brass or stainless steel ties, aluminum ties are easily bent and connected.

Stainless steel is useful due to its very high level of durability even in harsh environments. Industrial settings need stainless steel cable ties as a standard, and they work perfectly for those applications. This is also used for cable ties with ball lock system. This unique locking mechanism offers a stronger, more secure hold than traditional plastic ties and provides greater protection against tampering or accidental release.

Brass is another great option if it better suits your needs.

Whatever your need might be, there is a material that will work for it.


A metal cable tie is customizable. Various lengths, sizes, shapes, and configurations are available. Need an extra-long locking cable to fit a large pipe? Maybe it is important your fastening solution features a low-profile design to fit in tight places? No problem. We will work with you to find the perfect cable tie.

We can also accommodate a range of materials such as aluminum or stainless steel zip ties.

Custom information is available as well. Add your company name, a part number SKU, or any other info.

No matter your problem or need; we make the cable tie that is right for you.

Blank Metal Cable Ties

Blank cable ties allow the end-user to mark their own information on the tags as the need arises.

Blank metal ties are often used to identify wires, bundles of wire or wire harness in electrical panels and switchboards, for bundling items during shipment or storage, in offices for locking desk drawers closed and many other temporary fastening applications.

Numbered Metal Cable Ties

Numbered metal cable ties are used for a wide range of purposes. Their main function is for identification. Unlike plastic zip ties, these ties allow for important information to be attached and displayed.

These cables are commonly used in high-traffic facilities or locations where frequent inspections are required. They provide both strength and durability over plastic zip ties, which makes them ideal for use in warehouses, factories, farms, airports, shipping yards and other places with large quantities of equipment.


Cable ties are a necessity for many industries. They are a lifesaver when it comes to managing wires, cables, or identification purposes.

Metal ties have the added benefit of adding customized information, allowing for visible and accessible information. This opens up a whole world of possibilities and uses for any industry. They are both informational and functional. Providing lasting support while providing information.

On top of that, they have the durability to excel even in the toughest conditions and extreme temperatures, while still remaining usable (and legible). Metal cable ties can be the perfect solution for your needs.



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