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Stainless Steel Tags

Stainless steel tags are an incredibly durable identification solution. At Metal Marker, we produce high quality stainless steel tags that are suitable for the toughest environments. Whether it’s a rainy construction site or a warehouse full of chemicals, you can rest assured that your stainless steel identification nameplates will stay legible for many years.


If you’re interested in the most durable material option for your identification, stainless steel is the choice for you.

Our stainless steel tags and nameplates are incredibly resilient even in the most adverse conditions. This includes chemical exposure, weather, and heavy wear.

Why worry if your tags are going to be legible the next day every time it rains?

Plus, with stainless you know you’re getting a tag that is going to last a long time. Our nameplates are rated for 20+ years outdoors with most processes. These tags are suitable for the toughest industrial work environments.

Whether its dings and scrapes or grit and grime – our tags last a very long time.

Keep in mind – just because they can hold up to wear and tear, doesn’t mean they have to. There are industries which prefer using stainless for a variety of reasons. This may be due to specific industry usage or conditions.


  • Manufacturing
  • Utility
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Military
  • And Many More!

Process Choices


The stamping process indents your data into the metal material. This produces a highly durable recessed design.

In order to stamp custom information into a metal, a custom stamp with your information must be produced. This can include a logo or design, as well as additional characters.

Keep in mind this will add setup time and additional cost.


Embossing presses the metal upwards, creating raised text. This is not only highly visible, but incredibly durable as well.

Serialized (numbered) tags can be made using this process. In addition, variable data may be added using an embossing machine.


Another common option is metal engraving. This process provides a high level of customization. Engraving creates long-lasting deep cuts in the material.

The downside to engraving is that it is a very time consuming process. It has to cut out each character one at a time. Due to the slow run time, the cost for engraved tags is often significantly higher than other processes.


There are two main methods to the etching process. Laser etching uses a high power laser, while chemical etching is a specialized process which removes only the desired areas of the design in the metal material.

Color may be added to etched designs with a colorized fill. Etched tags have moderate durability, but any color infill is likely to deteriorate if subjected to wear and tear. It is unlikely to last the lifetime of the tag.


Here are just a few examples of the uses for stainless steel tags:

  • Telephone pole tags
  • Asset tags
  • Super elevation tags
  • Inventory management
  • Asset tracking
  • Valve Tags


We create stainless steel nameplates exact to your specifications. This includes any size or shape you may need. If you need some unique design or unusual shape, don’t be afraid to ask. We are a custom shop. Our job is to produce the tags you want. Not sell you products off of a shelf.

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