Metal Marker creates engraved metal tags using state-of-the-art laser marking. We have the ability to mark products with a logo or any other design you require and can economically produce small and large quantities. We comply with Mil-Standard marking required by military and aerospace contractors.

Metal Marker’s award-winning quality and delivery and knowledgeable customer service representatives make Metal Marker your source for engraving. Our customer service representatives can work with you to develop the solution to best meet your needs. Please contact one of our customer service representatives to obtain additional information or a quote for engraving.

What are Engraved Metal Tags Used for?

We supply metal nameplates and tags for a variety of industrial applications. Most commonly, our engraved metal tags are used as:

Engraving Process

We utilize laser engraving to add designs and information to blank tags. Our custom laser engraved images have proven to last long to retain high-quality durability and visual appeal. Laser engraved images are cut deep into the metal tag, which results in marking designed to last as long as possible.

Engraved Metal Tag Materials

A variety of different materials can be used in the engraving process. Some of our most popular ones include:

Barcode-Metal-Tag-Easy-Use-QuickPull-Metal-Tag Barcode-Metal-Tag-Easy-Use-QuickPull-Metal-Tag
Serialized-Custom-Tags-Sequential-Numbered Serialized-Custom-Tags-Sequential-Numbered
ID-Custom-Metal-Tag-Photo-Anodized-Aluminum-Tag ID-Custom-Metal-Tag-Photo-Anodized-Aluminum-Tag
Screen-Printed-Stainless-Identification-Tag-Green Screen-Printed-Stainless-Identification-Tag-Green
Emergency-Embossed-Custom-Tag-Aluminum Emergency-Embossed-Custom-Tag-Aluminum
Screen-Printed-Tag-Made-To-Order-Custom Screen-Printed-Tag-Made-To-Order-Custom
Identification-Tag-Brass-Electrical-ID Identification-Tag-Brass-Electrical-ID
Blank-Metal-Tag-One-Hole-Aluminum Blank-Metal-Tag-One-Hole-Aluminum
Mythbusters-Embossed-Stainless-Metal-Tag Mythbusters-Embossed-Stainless-Metal-Tag
Asset-Tag-Easy-Tracking-Equipment-Tracking-Barcode Asset-Tag-Easy-Tracking-Equipment-Tracking-Barcode
Steam-Trap-Tag-Anodized-Purple Steam-Trap-Tag-Anodized-Purple
Etched-And-Filed-Stainless-Screen-Printed-Yellow-And-Black-Metal-Tag Etched-And-Filed-Stainless-Screen-Printed-Yellow-And-Black-Metal-Tag

At Metal Marker, we strive to provide the highest quality metal tag solutions.

Our custom metal tags and nameplates are built exactly to your specifications. No matter the application, we have the right ID tag for you.

Contact Metal Marker

Whether you have a simplistic design or a highly customized order, Metal Marker can help advise and guide you to the right choice. While many of our clients initially believe metal engraving to be the right choice, our team can work with you to ensure you’re receiving the proper tag made with the appropriate process.

Call us or request a quote today!

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Our quality management system is both ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.



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