Terms & Conditions

Updated August 19th, 2021

Production Variations

Please keep in mind that any and all proofs are digital renderings, and as such may result in the final product experiencing slight variations.

Colors will vary. We do not guarantee color consistency.

Minimum Order

There is a $299 minimum order amount required.

Lead Times

Metal Marker strives to meet and exceed your expectations. While lead times vary based on customer requirements, process, and production schedule, Metal Marker will do our very best to work with you in meeting project timelines. We are proud of our 99.9% on time delivery and our 1 PPM quality record.


An order once placed with and accepted by the Seller can be canceled only with the Seller’s consent, in writing, and upon terms that will indemnify the Seller against loss.

Shipping and Delivery

UPS prepay & add Standard terms available with approved credit VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AmEx accepted. Quotation valid for 7 days

Unless otherwise stated material, tolerances are +/-.005

All other tolerances are +/-.015

Acceptance of your Purchase Order will be acknowledged by your Metal Marker Customer Service Representative within three (3) business days of receiving. Please contact your Metal Marker Customer Service Representative if you do not receive acknowledgment of acceptance within three (3) business days.

Delays in Lead Times, Shipping and Delivery

Please contact us for the ship date on critical deliveries. Delays in delivery times may be experienced due to unforeseen circumstances such as delay or shortage of production materials, and other causes beyond our reasonable control, without any liability on Metal Marker Mfg part for delays.