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Proper signage is imperative in the marine environment. This starts with the shipbuilding process and continues with regular maintenance throughout the vessel’s lifespan. Metal Marker Manufacturing Company offers a full line of metal signage for the marine industry.

It’s not productive for a shipbuilder to have to purchase signs from multiple sources. Our team is here to provide you with high-quality signs that meet the demands of life offshore. We know the strict regulations regarding signs in this industry, and we’re committed to helping our clients comply with those regulations.


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Signs That Stand Up Against the Harsh Marine Environment

The wet and salty environments are hard on signs that are safety-critical on a vessel. Our signs can be made to meet the regulations set forth by major governing agencies, including ASTM, IMO/SOLAS, and APTA. We also can produce signs that are OSHA-compliant for seafaring vessels.

The signs we produce use materials and processes made specifically to withstand high winds and marine conditions. This ensures they can stand up to the harsh conditions these vessels endure. Anodized aluminum tags can quickly identify equipment on the vessel. This makes it easy for inspections and inventory purposes.

Our company offers fully customized signs for the marine industry, but we can also produce vessel-specific signs that are up to your standards, from metal nameplates used for labeling components to machinery tags that assist with inventory and maintenance.

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Unique Components for Vessel Application

The unique conditions on marine vessels mean special signage is necessary for even basic things like directional flow. Bathroom markers, walkway signage and similar items that help keep the crew and passengers safe must be visible during all voyages or deployments. MetalPhoto signs are ideal for this application because they include highly visible graphics that alert anyone passing by with only a quick glance.

You also have to use signs that won’t fade from exposure to sunlight and saltwater. Ships that have faded signs could lead to safety problems if it’s hard to see what they say. We can manufacture signs to replace those that are already faded.

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The team at Metal Marker Manufacturing Company is ready to get your project started. Contact us at 1-800-428-0095 to discuss your project. Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form on this website to get started. Our scalable service makes us an ideal sign manufacturing company for any company that needs marine signage.


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