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The pipe labels helped this maintenance worker identify the right valves to inspect

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Stamped-Brass-Valve-Tag Stamped-Brass-Valve-Tag
Consecutively-Numbered-Valve-Tag Consecutively-Numbered-Valve-Tag
Ball-Valve-Lockout-Tag Ball-Valve-Lockout-Tag
Stainless-Steel-Valve-Label Stainless-Steel-Valve-Label
Aluminum-Valve-Tag Aluminum-Valve-Tag
Valve-Identification-Tags Valve-Identification-Tags
Ball-Valve-Lockouts Ball-Valve-Lockouts
Valve-Labels-Made-To-Order Valve-Labels-Made-To-Order
Valve-Identification Valve-Identification
Stainless-Steel-Valve-Tag-Etched-And-Filed Stainless-Steel-Valve-Tag-Etched-And-Filed

What are Common Applications for Valve Tags?

An important goal for all workplaces is to ensure a safe environment for their employees. Industries that use valves know far too well how easy it can be for an injury to take place due to a mistake or improper labeling. If correct safety protocols are not followed, valves are very dangerous.

This is where valve ID tags come in. They provide proper labeling and identification of pipes and valves. By properly identifying what the valve or pipe contains, anyone who comes into contact with it will be safer. They will understand the risk involved and follow the correct precautions to stay safe.

Mistakes happen, but they are preventable. By utilizing custom nameplates for valves, your organization will be that much safer.

Attached warehouse signs display important operation information for the inspector

Identification Tags

Custom labels and tags for valves are available at Metal Marker Mfg.

Clear and prominent identifying information is very important in industrial environments. It can be easy to get two valves mixed up and cause errors or slow down processes. Being able to identify all relevant information to ensure correct procedures are followed is a very powerful tool for any business.

Valve Inspection Tags

Red inspection tag displays important pipe content information

Valve inspections are an essential part of the industrial business. Making sure they are functional and up to safety standards is a must.

While these inspections can take a long time, valve tags and inspection tags for equipment make them much less of a headache. Clear labeling means quicker, easier, and more accurate inspections that save you valuable time.

Safety Valve Tags

Safety valve custom signs for industrial businesses are in stock

Safety is always a top priority. Employees working with valves and pipes may be exposed to potential hazards if they are not cautious. One mistake is an accident waiting to happen.

Safety valve tags eliminate any guesswork and keep employees safe. Write-on tags can even be used to mark when equipment is broken or needs to be repaired.

There is also a multitude of OSHA and ANSI guidelines that require safety signs in potentially hazardous environments. Don’t let your facility fall behind on OSHA or ANSI standards. Keep your staff safe with long-lasting safety solutions.

Safety Release Valve Tags

Safety release valve tags provide an effective method for marking and identifying crucial valve systems.

When pipes start becoming over-pressurized, they pose an immense hazard to employees and equipment. One ruptured pipe can cause an entire emergency.

Organizations combat this risk by incorporating safety reliefs into their valve systems. These releases offer a quick and efficient way to limit the amount of pressure and reduce the potential for an accident to occur.

Labeling relief valves with metal safety placards help distinguish them from other systems as well as readies them for inspection and meet safety regulations.

Custom sign posts alert employees to stay safe

What is a Safety Relief Valve?

A pressure release valve is a type of safety regulator used to limit the amount of pressure in a system.

Also referred to as pressure relief, these valves are pre-set to release before a system exceeds its pressure limitations.

The release is done automatically using an internal spring. However, there are also manual relief valves.

Fluid or gas (or a combination of both) is directed out of the system using an opened auxiliary passage. The pressurized substance flows through this pathway as it offers the least resistance.

As the fluid is rerouted, it will typically be led into a combustion area to be burned and released into the open air. This effectively eliminates the excess and quickly serves to reduce the pressure in the system.

Over Pressurized Pipe Risks

If your pipe system does not include a safety relief system, pressure can exceed safe limits and pose a massive safety risk.

Overpressurized pipes can rupture, leading to leaked gas or fluid. This can cause massive damage to equipment, and put employees at severe risk of injury. Leaked gasses and chemicals can even become a public safety hazard if not sufficiently contained.

Bypass Valves

In addition to relief valves, other valves are used for various types of systems. Bypass valves are sometimes used in lieu of a release valve. These safety regulators work very similarly. However, instead of allowing fluid out of a system, they deliver excess fluid to a reservoir.

This not only acts as a relief to the pipe but prevents the pump from being over-pressurized as well. Fire engines are one of the most prevalent uses for bypass valves.

Safety Valve Regulations

Keeping up with all pertinent safety requirements is vital for every industrial organization. Anything less than up to code leaves the potential risk for equipment malfunctions, workers put in danger, and hefty fines.

Having safety relief valves in place is a great step in the right direction. They provide an effective mechanical means to prevent issues. In order for them to be properly used and maintained, they must also be clearly identified with metal identification tags.

Clear identification ensures they are not tampered with or mixed up with a normal valve.

Valve Tag Material

Brass Tag

Brass Tags

Anodized Aluminum Valve Tags

One of the most popular materials used for valve identification tags, anodized aluminum is extremely versatile. It is an incredibly durable substrate, used everywhere from aerospace equipment to manufacturing facilities.

Anodized tags are made to hold up to the rigors of industrial use. They are resistant to wear, weathering, and corrosion.

In addition, the anodization process allows for a solid color to be added to the metal plate. This provides the opportunity to color code various valve types, or just create a more stand-out warning sign.

Stainless Steel Valve Tags

Another commonly used metal in this field, stainless steel sets the bar for durability. The material is incredibly sturdy, and resistant to just about anything it may be exposed to in an industrial-type environment.

Coupled with a durable stainless steel marking process, these release valve markers will last for many years.

What Processes are Available for Valve Tags?

Custom Stamping and Embossing

Custom stamping and embossing are two of the most widely used processes for marking tags. Valves of all varieties are marked with these processes.

One of the most popular choices for valve identification tags is the metal embossing process. A die set punches the metal creating a raised design. This proves it is incredibly durable and is perfect for industrial environments. Steam trap labels are often embossed to make them easier to read in any condition.

Both embossing and stamping press a design directly into the metal substrate. Embossing creates raised information while stamping indents and recessed characters.

Some organizations choose to mark their own blank tags on-site with an embossing machine or label printer.

Photo Anodization

Photo anodization is a unique process that embeds information in between layers of aluminum material. This provides the appearance of printed text, but with outstanding durability. These tags are resistant to scratches, chemicals, weather, and more and are rated to last for 20+ years outdoors. These metal labels are much more durable than plastic valve tags, or temporary paper tags.

Write on Valve ID Tags

Should you need to add more information on-site, we provide write-on ID tags that give you the ability to add additional information should you need to.

Custom Etching

If you need your nameplate information to feature color, the etching process is a solid choice. After the design is imprinted using a chemical or laser etching process, the characters are filled with a color of your choosing.

While this provides a stand-out appearance, keep in mind that etching is not the most durable marking process. The color infill will quickly wear if exposed to tough conditions. While the etched metal itself will last longer, it still is susceptible to wear as the impression is not very deep in the material.

Custom Valve Tags

At Metal Marker, our identification products are truly custom solutions. Our industrial label makers can create valve tags or placards of any size, shape, or design. Add any text, barcode, number system, logos, etc. If you want custom identification products, we can make it happen.

Add color to aluminum valve tags with anodized aluminum. Their vibrant designs make identifying your pipes in low lighting or from a distance easier. Plus, they are frequently used for color-coding pipes.

Attachment Methods for Valves

In addition to choosing the best process and material for your application, deciding on how you will attach your valve identification tags is equally important.

Beaded chain

For fire extinguishers and other safety labels requiring valves, a beaded chain looped through the tag is a popular choice. Tag fasteners and other hardware are great options for equipment repair tags or machinery near valves.

Adhesive For Pipe Markers

Adhesive backing or banding tape may be used when attaching custom pipe markers to avoid damaging the pipe.

Note that the marking process selected may impact the attachment method options. For example, stamped brass valve tags cannot utilize adhesive backing due to the nature of the process.

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