Metal-Business-Card Metal-Business-Card
Identification-Plate-Tags-Company Identification-Plate-Tags-Company
Embossed-Custom-Stamp-Metal-Tag Embossed-Custom-Stamp-Metal-Tag
Metal-Identification-Tags-Made-To-Order Metal-Identification-Tags-Made-To-Order
Customer-School-Locker-Tags Customer-School-Locker-Tags
Asset-Tracking-Identification-Nameplate Asset-Tracking-Identification-Nameplate
Embossing-Machine-Two-Hole-Brass-Tag Embossing-Machine-Two-Hole-Brass-Tag
Metal-Photo-Photo-anodized-Nameplate Metal-Photo-Photo-anodized-Nameplate
Industrial-Nameplate-Screen-Printed Industrial-Nameplate-Screen-Printed
Aerospace-Identification-Tag Aerospace-Identification-Tag
Metal-Number-Plate Metal-Number-Plate
Metal-Plates-Custom Metal-Plates-Custom

Without an effective supply chain, businesses simply could not operate. From warehousing to shipping, logistics organizations rely on accurate identification for a smooth operation.

At Metal Marker, we service the supply chain industry with a wide range of identification solutions.

We produce tags and nameplates for nearly any type of supply chain application. Whether it is for inventory management or warehouse safety, our supply chain tags are high quality and extremely durable.

Our customer service representatives have years of experience in providing the best tags and nameplates for supply chain applications.

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Inventory Management

When it comes to effectively managing a warehouse within the supply chain, accurate and up-to-date information is critical. This holds especially true for inventory management.

Custom tags help ensure inventory levels are consistent and accurate by providing a traceable data point. In some cases this means fixing a barcode tag directly on each item, allowing them to be scanned throughout the process. In other instances, this can be a set of permanent barcode tags at a station for workers to repeatedly scan as items are procured.

Asset Tracking

With so many moving parts to track and manage within a logistics operation, many organizations turn to asset tags as a solution.

A simple tracking solution such as serialized number tags can provide workers with easy marking of inventory location or machinery organization.

Barcode tracking can be implemented for data collection and monitoring using a computer system. Our barcode tags are extremely durable, even in warehouse settings and can also include nearly any logo or design.

Data stored on the tag can include everything from machinery condition and equipment repair status, to specific item information, or anything else relevant to the company.


Another important consideration for any organization involved within the supply chain is safety. Warehouses can be hectic and feature moving machinery and pallets, as well as potential exposure to hazardous substances depending on the industry.

By utilizing highly visible safety nameplates, these operations can help maintain a safe work environment.


Material choice is important when selecting any tag or nameplate solution. We provide our customers with high quality materials that fit best for their specific application.

Supply chain tags can be subjected to years of wear and tear from warehouse conditions and heavy usage. This means a durable material is necessary for an effective solution.

A few examples of our material options include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass



When it comes to logistics operations, sometimes simplicity is the best solution. Utilizing metal tags with raised characters offers a less complicated solution that is highly effective.

Equipment, storage racks, and more need to be labeled with a solution which won’t fade away. With embossed tags this is not a concern, as they can last upwards of 20+ years in a tough industrial-type environment.

Our embossed tags are created using a die set, which produces raised characters in the metal. Since there is no topical ink on the tag, there is nothing to fade or wash off. In addition, the raised characters are still legible when covered with dirt or paint.

These nameplates can be serialized as well to offer a simpler asset management solution.

Photo Anodization

These nameplates are fully customizable with any information, including logos or barcodes. This is a solid option for barcoded asset tags. Additionally, many organizations use this process for adding their company logo on to their tools or equipment.

Examples of data commonly used on these tags:

  • Inventory Number
  • Product Code/UPC
  • Shipping Location Info
  • Company Logo
  • QR/Data Matrix Codes

In addition to customization, photo anodization is incredibly durable. Rated for 20+ years outdoors, these plates are more than capable of withstanding the supply chain.


We work with you closely to deliver high-quality tags that fulfill your expectations. And we’re honest when something is infeasible or impractical. We’ll propose an alternative solution that satisfies your requirements, budget, and timeline.



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