Without an effective supply chain, businesses simply could not operate. From warehousing to shipping, logistics organizations rely on accurate identification for a smooth operation.

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Identification-Plate-Tags-Company Identification-Plate-Tags-Company
Embossed-Custom-Stamp-Metal-Tag Embossed-Custom-Stamp-Metal-Tag
Metal-Identification-Tags-Made-To-Order Metal-Identification-Tags-Made-To-Order
Customer-School-Locker-Tags Customer-School-Locker-Tags
Asset-Tracking-Identification-Nameplate Asset-Tracking-Identification-Nameplate
Embossing-Machine-Two-Hole-Brass-Tag Embossing-Machine-Two-Hole-Brass-Tag
Metal-Photo-Photo-anodized-Nameplate Metal-Photo-Photo-anodized-Nameplate
Industrial-Nameplate-Screen-Printed Industrial-Nameplate-Screen-Printed
Aerospace-Identification-Tag Aerospace-Identification-Tag
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Supply Chain Labeling for Your Business

Supply chain labels play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of a supply chain system. These labels provide clear identification and tracking of raw materials, inventory and assets throughout the entire supply chain process. Proper labeling processes make it easy for companies to efficiently manage their inventory, reduce the risk of loss or theft, meet regulatory standards and ensure timely delivery to their customers.

Supply chain labels can provide valuable information about the product or asset, including specifications, manufacturing date and expiration date to maintain product quality and safety for consumers. This is especially important for food and other perishable assets. In short, supply chain labels help businesses improve visibility, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Asset Tracking

Because there are many challenges and moving parts to track and manage within a logistics operation, many manufacturers and supply chain businesses turn to asset labeling as a solution. In fact, labeling plays a major role in helping companies accurately identify, track and control assets throughout supply chains.

A simple tracking solution, such as serialized number tags, can allow workers to easily mark inventory locations or critical component status. Asset tags also play a critical role in asset maintenance, as tags can efficiently track an asset’s maintenance history.

Additionally, a computer system can implement barcode tracking for data collection and monitoring. Barcodes also make it easier for employees to access critical information about the asset with simple technology. Our barcode tags are extremely durable, even in warehouse settings, and can include nearly any logo or design. Our customer service representatives will work with you to create labels customized to your business or enterprise.

Inventory Management

When it comes to effectively managing warehouses and other stops along the supply chain, accurate and up-to-date information is critical. This holds true especially for inventory management, where inventory tags play an important role in ensuring companies respond to demand with adequate supply for their customers.

Custom tags and labels help ensure inventory levels are consistent and accurate by providing a traceable data point. In some cases, this means fixing a barcode tag directly on each item, allowing it to be scanned throughout the manufacturing process. Custom tags can also be permanent barcode tags at a station for workers to scan as items are procured repeatedly.


Clearly visible nameplates can provide vital safety information for manufacturers and employees to easily identify in warehouses and distribution centers. This is particularly important if your workplace deals with hazardous substances. Labels will keep employees safe and give first responders the information they need in an emergency. Accurate safety labeling can also help your business meet industry regulatory requirements.

Supply Chain Label and Tag Materials

Material choice is essential when creating an enterprise labeling solution. We provide our customers with high-quality materials that best support their specific applications. Because supply chain tags are often subjected to years of wear and tear from warehouse conditions and frequent moving to new locations, durable material is necessary for effective and long-lasting usability.

A few examples of our premium labeling material options include:

Embossed Metal Labels


When it comes to logistics operations, sometimes simplicity is the best solution. Utilizing metal tags with raised characters offers a simple yet effective option for shipping labels, product details and critical information. That’s why many companies choose embossed labels to tag their business assets. Embossed tags are a great durable label material because they can last over 20 years and stand up to challenging industrial environments like distribution centers.

At Metal Marker Manufacturing, our embossed tags are created using a die set that produces raised characters in the metal. Because there’s no topical ink from printing devices on the tag, there’s nothing to fade or wash off. In addition, the raised characters are still legible when covered with dirt or paint, making them perfect for industrial settings. These nameplates can also be serialized to offer an even simpler asset management solution.

Photo Anodization Metal Labels

Photo Anodization

Photo anodization creates durable and fully customizable nameplates with any information, including logos or barcodes. This makes it a popular choice for barcoded asset tags and enterprise labeling. For example, many organizations use this process to add their company logo to their tools, equipment or finished goods.

Examples of label data commonly used on these tags include:

  • Inventory number
  • Product code/UPC
  • Shipping location info
  • Company logo
  • QR/Data matrix codes
  • Manufacturer information

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