Rigging tags are crucial for industrial equipment because they provide valuable information about the equipment, such as the weight capacity, date of inspection and identification number. This information is essential to ensure safe and efficient equipment use and prevent accidents. In addition, without proper rigging tags, workers may not be able to identify potential hazards or may use equipment beyond its safe operating limits.

Metal Marker Manufacturing is expert at providing high-quality metal tags for equipment in various industrial applications, including rigging tags. We offer a wide range of materials and printing options, including engraving and embossing, to ensure the tags are durable, legible and long-lasting.

Common types of lifting and rigging tags include:

  • Lifting sling inspection tags
  • Lifting identification tags
  • Wire rope tags
  • Chain sling tag
  • Synthetic rope
  • Web-sling and round-sling tags
  • Crane and hoist tags
Rigging labels for equipment


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High-Quality Inspection Tags for the Lifting and Rigging Industry

With Metal Marker’s high-quality rigging tags, you can improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents by tracking when your equipment or gear was last inspected. Periodic inspections are essential in heavy industry, and inspection tags make it easy to see maintenance records at a glance.

  • Lifting equipment
  • Rigging equipment
  • Hoisting equipment
  • Rigging hardware

Next Inspection Due Tags

A regular lifting and rigging inspection schedule helps the workplace operate safely. An identification tag can indicate if slings or other equipment are due for an inspection or if they’ve been inspected recently.

Harness Inspection Tags

Harness tags are essential to ensure end-user safety and prevent falls and other accidents. They display inspection and identification tag information and are primarily used for gear such as harnesses, lanyards and other fall arrest equipment.

Custom Lifting and Rigging Tags

Need a custom solution? Metal Marker custom tags provide industrial-grade quality that meets ISO 9001 Standards. You can tag a wide variety of safety gear and other types of equipment as needed for your industry.

Construction crane with rigging inspection tags

The Metal Marker Advantage

Safety is on the line when it comes to lifting and rigging inspection tags. Because clear, legible and reliable labels play a crucial role in workplace safety, working with an experienced company specializing in high-quality identification tags is essential. Metal Marker has been in the business for nearly 100 years, and those decades of experience have taught us the ins and outs of multiple industries. We bring our expertise and passion to the table to deliver the best-quality results for our customers.

Durable Tags With UV Resistance

Metal Marker’s rigging tags are known for their durability and UV resistance, which makes them ideal for lifting equipment in the rigging industry. These tags are designed to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures, ensuring the serial number remains legible and intact even after years of use. In addition, UV-resistant coatings protect the tags from fading and discoloration caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

This durability and UV resistance are crucial for equipment and machinery subjected to rough handling, harsh weather conditions and long hours of use. In addition, our rigging tags provide a reliable, long-lasting solution to label and identify heavy industrial equipment, ensuring workers can quickly and safely operate the equipment without the risk of accidents or breakdowns.

Made for Harsh Environments

Metal Marker’s rigging tags are designed to withstand harsh environments typical in industries like oil and gas. These tags are made from durable materials like stainless steel, brass and aluminum, which can withstand extreme temperatures, corrosion and chemicals. In addition, we offer a range of printing and marking options, such as laser etching and embossing, which provide permanent and legible labels that won’t wear off, even with rough handling or exposure to harsh chemicals. This makes them ideal for use in the oil and gas industry, where equipment and machinery are subjected to harsh conditions like extreme heat, moisture and chemicals.

Customizable and Time-Tested Solutions

Metal Marker rigging tags are fully customizable so you can create the correct identification tag for your business. Thanks to their durability and high-quality construction, our labels are known as reliable, time-tested solutions.

Industry-Compliant Rigging Inspection Tags

Many lifting and rigging industry regulators require equipment to be tagged periodically with labels showing the most recent maintenance information. For example, OSHA has mandated that every sling must have a sling tag affixed to it. These tags indicate specific usage techniques that should be used and weight tolerances for a given sling. That way, the end user will always know a safe working load for a sling.

Fast Turnaround and Exceptional Value

We know the importance of fast turnaround to our customers. That’s why we maintain a sizable on-hand inventory so that, once we receive an order, we can minimize the time it takes to deliver the product to you. This helps us maintain short lead times and ensures we always have it by the promised delivery date.

At the core of our business, our philosophy is to provide exceptional value through high-quality standards. We have a deep commitment to fast turnaround times and constantly try to be a low-cost leader of standard and custom tags, labels, decals and nameplates. We produce large and small orders, so you’ll always receive a high-quality metal tag designed for your needs, delivered on time and at a competitive price.

lifting and rigging inspection tags

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