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At Metal Marker, we strive to create the best identification solution for any application.

We create identification tags for nearly any type of utility pole in various weather conditions. Whether it’s for a telephone line or power, our utility pole tags are high quality and long-lasting.

Our customer service representatives have years of experience in providing the best tags and nameplates for utility pole applications.

Whether you need to mark 1,000 or 100,000 poles – we will create the perfect solution for you.

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We provide an essential part of utility pole inspections for utility companies – the identification.

Power poles are inspected regularly for safety and inventory purposes.

Identification tags provide inspectors with all the relevant information they need to accurately and efficiently document for the inspection.

Our anti-corrosion utility pole tags are relied upon for safety inspections spanning many industries. From power line poles to energy valves, we cover it all.

Asset Management

Numbered Asset Tracking

We frequently produce serialized number tags for telephone pole asset tracking. Sequential numbers are one of the most common methods to mark and track your poles.

Our embossed power pole tags are easy to read even if they get dirty or painted over which makes these a  great solution for reliable utility asset management.

Barcode Asset Tracking

Another form of asset tracking that we often see is barcode tracking. Some telecommunications companies prefer to add a QR, data matrix, or barcode to their pole markers.

Our barcode and QR code tags provide telecom workers with the ability to store and access information right on the pole via a quick scan.

Data stored on the tag can include:

  • Condition of the pole
  • Last service or inspection
  • Geographic coordinates (location)

With so many benefits, it is easy to see why barcode pole tags are often the preferred choice by inspectors for better readability.


Material choice is important when selecting a tag or nameplate solution. We provide our customers with high-quality materials that fit best for their application.

Telephone pole tags are subject to years of wear and tear from weather, use, and abrasions. This means a durable material is essential.

A few examples of our material options include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Brass



When it comes to utility pole marking, durability is the name of the game. With poles out in the elements day and night, any identification solution must be very durable.

Our embossed tags are created using a die set, which raises characters upward in the metal. Since there is no topical ink on the tag, there is nothing to fade or wash off.

This high durability makes embossed tags one of our most used processes for pole identification. These are most commonly used for serialized number tagging.

Photo Anodization

Need to add more than just a number? Our photo anodized tags are an outstanding solution.

These nameplates are fully customizable with any information, design, or codes.

Examples of data commonly used on these tags:

  • Servicing Number
  • Location Info
  • Company Logo
  • QR/Data Matrix Codes

In addition to customization, photo anodization is incredibly durable. Rated for 20+ years outdoors, these plates are more than capable of withstanding the elements.


We work with you closely to deliver high-quality tags that fulfill your expectations. And we’re honest when something is infeasible or impractical. We’ll propose an alternative solution that satisfies your requirements, budget, and timeline.



Let us create a custom solution tailored to your unique needs and challenges.
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