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At Metal Marker, we produce metal barcode tags to meet your exact specifications.

Whether you are just getting started labeling inventory, or have a fully integrated tracking system, we can provide the perfect barcode tags for your application.

Barcode Types

We can produce nearly any design your application requires. That includes any type of barcode.

The three most common types of barcode tags we produce include:

  • QR Code
  • UPC Code
  • Data Matrix

Barcode tags can turn any piece of equipment or machine into a traceable asset. Our fast delivery means you can get your assets marked sooner, and reduces any lag time for registering new equipment.

Not sure which type of barcode to use? Struggling to decide on the right process? Let us help!

Our customer service representatives are the industry leaders at finding the right identification solution for you. They are ready to handle all of your questions and concerns to get you metal nameplates designed to meet your specific application and needs.

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Our Metal Tags Are Fully Custom To Meet Your Needs. Describe What You’re Looking For and We’ll Make It.



Our barcode tags are used for too many different applications and industries to name.

Organizations of all varieties affix barcode tags to their equipment and machinery for asset traceability.

Warehouses often used barcode tags and labels for inventory management to assist in reordering and managing their logistics.

With new supply chain advances such as blockchain, these tags are increasingly useful.

Barcode tags also find their place in safety applications such as the Leak Detection and Repair program (LDAR).

The military utilizes these durable codes for their Unique Identification tagging system (UID). The barcodes must hold up in the harsh environments they are exposed to on a regular basis.

Uses for barcode tags include:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Job Tagging
  • Theft Prevention
  • Product Coding (UPC Codes)
  • And Many More!


Durability is key for nearly all industrial environments. Tags may be exposed to weather, wear & tear, harsh chemicals, and more.

Your barcodes won’t be useful if they simply fade or rub off after they are used. The barcode nameplates we produce offer a full 20+ years of outdoor durability. You might have to replace your machine before you replace the tag.


Photo anodization is only available in a special anodized aluminum material. We offer this material in a wide variety of thicknesses to accommodate the many needs of our customers.

The corrosive-resistant nature of this material makes it an ideal candidate for industrial applications.

We can also adorn this material with a solid background color, creating the opportunity for color coding or branding from your custom nameplates.

For barcode tags, a matte or dull-type finish is highly preferred as it offers the highest accuracy for code reading devices.


Photo Anodization

The photo anodization process is unique in that it provides the appearance of a printed nameplate, but with durability on par with physically indented tags.

Your custom design is directly embedded beneath layers of aluminum offering scratch and chemical resistance. This process is the go-to for industries such as oil & gas which expose their equipment to harsh substances.

In addition, any type of barcode and other designs can be incorporated on the same nameplate.

For example, if you want your company logo, a barcode, and other information all on the same tag, that’s not a problem.


Barcode tags are used by an incredibly wide range of industries. A small sample of the many industries we service include:

  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy
  • Defense
  • Many More!


We work with you closely to deliver high-quality tags that fulfill your expectations. And we’re honest when something is infeasible or impractical. We’ll propose an alternative solution that satisfies your requirements, budget, and timeline.



Let us create a custom solution tailored to your unique needs and challenges.