Energy-Source-Labels Energy-Source-Labels
Custom-ISO-Valve-Metal-Tag Custom-ISO-Valve-Metal-Tag
Energy-Source-Tags-Stainless-Steel Energy-Source-Tags-Stainless-Steel
Coupler-Signage-For-Energy-Production-Industry Coupler-Signage-For-Energy-Production-Industry
Barcode-Energy-Label-For-Asset-Tracking Barcode-Energy-Label-For-Asset-Tracking
Industrial-Energy-Label-Etched-And-Filled Industrial-Energy-Label-Etched-And-Filled
Telephone-Pole-Tag-For-Inspection Telephone-Pole-Tag-For-Inspection
Colored-Anodized-Aluminum-Energy-Industry-Metal-Tag Colored-Anodized-Aluminum-Energy-Industry-Metal-Tag
Lube-System-Metal-Tag Lube-System-Metal-Tag
ID-Data-Plates-For-Asset-Tracking ID-Data-Plates-For-Asset-Tracking
Consecutively-Numbered-Metal-Aluminum-Tags Consecutively-Numbered-Metal-Aluminum-Tags
Energy-Source-Tag Energy-Source-Tag

The mining industry is filled with hazards that workers must learn how to navigate. Employers have a responsibility to ensure these workers have all the information they need to stay safe as they’re performing their job duties.

Regulations for the mining industry stipulate specific measures that must be taken. The Department of Labor and the Mining Safety and Health Administration offer information that mining companies must take into account.

Mining comes with considerable risk of fire and explosions. With that in mind, brass is the standard metal used for tags in this industry because it doesn’t produce sparks. Those tags are either embossed or stamped, depending on the requirements that are sent to our company.


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Tags for Check In/Check Out

The MSHA outlines what’s required for mining check in/check out systems. This system accounts for who’s going into the mine and who’s coming out of the mine. Many mines use metal identification tags to accomplish this. One person is responsible for ensuring one shift checks out completely before another shift checks in.

While there are many reasons to maintain this type of visual check in/check out system, one of the primary reasons is to ensure no worker is left behind. The system works to ensure everyone is out of a blast zone when there’s a scheduled blast. It also makes it easy to account for workers if there’s an issue with the mine, including when there’s a shaft collapse.

Miners going inside the mining field

Equipment Marking

The equipment used in mining includes heavy machines and other tools. Identification tags are an easy way to identify these. Equipment tags are ideal for larger equipment that might require maintenance or repair. These can be used in conjunction with barcode tags to ensure the work being done on the equipment is done on the correct unit.

Equipment tags and barcode tags can simplify inspections on a job site, since the inspector can simply log in the equipment or scan the barcode to account for the item. When barcode tags are used with a centralized inventory program, it’s easy for company executives and supervisors to account for what’s available for work and what needs to be repaired or checked.

Barcode tags can also be used alone to check out smaller equipment to specific workers. The workers can use the barcode on an item to check it out during a shift. The barcode is then checked in when they return it. This helps keep an accurate record of who has the company’s assets at any given time.

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