Safety is a fundamental priority for every organization. Metal Marker produces metal tags, nameplates, and labels for various industrial safety applications.

We service nearly every industry and usage you can imagine. No matter your application, we can produce the right solution for you.


Warning Labels & Signs

Warning labels and signs are vital to every organization. They are the difference between a safe work environment and accidents/injuries.

These can be as simple as a sign saying Danger: High Voltage or as complex as a data plate providing more detailed information.

Both our metal nameplates as well as custom decals can be used for this application.

Construction Tags

There are a wide range of uses for our metal identification solutions in the construction industry.

For example, nearly every construction site utilizes slings for heavy lifting. Every construction sling includes a metal sling tag embedded with important information. This typically identifies correct weight tolerances for the wire or rope, as well as specifies best usage practices.

That’s just one example of how tags are implemented in the field. From embossed serialized tags marking tools and parts, to nameplates on large machinery; there are endless applications.

Equipment Nameplates

Metal Marker produces high quality equipment nameplates to provide crucial safety information to workers and managers.

This includes important information such as:

  • Weight Limits
  • Voltage/Wattage
  • Manufacturer Info
    • Contact information
    • Logos/Branding etc.
  • Usage Restrictions
  • And More!

Providing this information directly on the machine or equipment itself makes it easily accessible and serves as a constant reminder.

Many More

It would take 1000 pages to list all of the potential applications for our nameplates! This is just a small selection of some of the most popular uses.

Think of something that we didn’t mention? Let us know! We are a custom manufacturer. Whatever your application calls for we can find a solution to fit.


Our safety identification products are used in a wide range of environments and industries. We accommodate for all these variables with a wide selection of material options.

Some of our most popular choices:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Brass
  • Lexan (Decals)
  • And More!


Customization is essential when it comes to safety applications. They need to be the right size, shape, and colors. For example, imagine a sign that reads “STOP” at a busy intersection. You expect it to be a red octagonal sign. If the sign was a green triangle instead, it could be easily misinterpreted.

With our full set of capabilities, we can customize your safety signs and nameplates however your application requires.

Customization options include:

  • Size/Shape
  • Logos/Designs
  • Thickness
  • Colors
  • Holes/Corners
  • More

Process Choices

Photo Anodization

Our photo anodization process is incredibly durable. Since the design is embedded beneath an anodic layer, it is protected from the elements and abrasion. This longevity makes it an ideal solution for industrial safety applications.

The best part about our photo anodized nameplates is that we can produce any image or design you desire. For example, a safety placard may need a specialized logo identifying a specific chemical or hazardous substance.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is typically reserved for warning labels and decals. This is an affordable option for some organizations, depending on their usage.

Digital printing provides the option to utilize full color designs. You want your warning messages to stand out – adhering a brightly colored decal to a surface makes your message noticeable immediately.

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