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You can trust that our products will stand up against harsh weather conditions while maintaining legibility for years on end. Our durable equipment tags are designed to be exposed to moisture and extreme temperatures of outdoor applications.

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What are Equipment Tags?

Equipment tags are used to mark important information about the equipment they’re attached to. This includes machinery numbers, asset numbers, locations and more. These items can be easily lost or stolen without proper marking so it is extremely important that you have them properly labeled.

Additionally, compliance is another facet our equipment tags are used. Machinery needs to be up to code to ensure the safety of their operators in addition to providing quick information at a glance for inspectors.

Here are a few examples of equipment tags we’ve made for customers:

Equipment ID Tags

Equipment ID tags for a nuclear station

Your equipment needs to be marked with pertinent information.

Equipment inspection tags and identification tags help ensure proper usage practices and calibration are being followed. In addition, this can prevent costly errors before they occur.

Identification tags also help when it’s time for inspections. Even if your equipment is not officially mandated to be marked by OSHA, equipment tags and equipment inspection tags can help aid inspectors or servicers to quickly and accurately complete their tasks by providing maintenance information for easy visibility.

Equipment Safety Standard Tags

Equipment safety signs for a power plant

Safety is crucial, especially for industrial organizations. Conditions can be unsafe in areas such as construction sites or factories if the proper safety information is not communicated or adhered to.

Equipment safety signs can include weight/load tolerances, a service number, building graphics, proper usage techniques to prevent accidents, and other calibration specifics.

Repair Tags

Metal repair tags for equipment

Identification is also important when machinery is under maintenance. Defective equipment or machines under work orders can be dangerous to operate. Marking this equipment with a repair tag reduces costly errors.

These forms of equipment tags provide easy visibility to messages such as “do not operate” or “do not enter.” This signage coupled with lockout tags is essential to a safe environment.

Our equipment tags are perfect for keeping your warehouse, factory, or job site safe with clear and accurate information.

Asset Identification Equipment Tags

Identify assets with equipment tags

Tracking and managing your equipment and other assets is crucial for your organization to be efficient and effective. By using metal equipment tags, you add a layer of traceability to your assets.

This can be as simple as serial numbers or as complex as a photo anodized tag with barcode labels integrated into a digital asset management tracking system.

The best solution is the one that fits with your organization. We are happy to work with you to find the perfect equipment tags.

What Materials Do We Use for Equipment Tags?

A few examples of our material options include:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Brass

Using durable metal materials for your equipment tags, it ensures that your labeling will stay sturdy and legible for years to come.

Equipment Tag Processes

There are a variety of processing options one can choose for their equipment tags. Each of these has its own set of benefits are drawbacks.

Here are a few examples:

Photo Anodization

One of our most popular processes is photo anodization. With this process, we have the capability to add any customized design you need. This can be an image, a barcode, a logo, or any other data you require.

Photo anodized equipment tags can be attached in a variety of ways. Many customers choose to add an adhesive backing to attach the labels directly to the machine while others opt for mounting holes to be drilled into the surface for the use of bolts or screws.

Worried about the durability of your design? With our photo anodization, you no longer have to. These metal equipment tags are rated for 20+ years outdoors, in all weather conditions. They are more than able to withstand the wear and tear of your industrial application.

Embossing & Stamping

Our embossing and stamping processes are tried and true methods for marking equipment tags. This is a simple but effective solution that is used to mark equipment, tools, and other machinery.

These metal tags are typically made with mounting holes and attached with screws or wire. In the case of equipment valve tags, a wire can be used to hang them from the valve.

Unlike other processes, embossing and stamping create direct impressions in the metal. Stamping indents a design while embossing raises the characters upwards.

Since there is no ink to be removed, these designs are incredibly durable and long-lasting. You will see years of use out of these tags before they need to be replaced.

Marking blank equipment tags in-house with an embossing machine or hand stamps is also an option.

Screen Printing

If you must mark your equipment with a colored design, screen printing is a solid alternative. A custom design is printed onto the metal labels, creating a clear and easy-to-read image.

The biggest drawback is the downgrade in durability. Since these plates feature topical ink, that design is subject to wear and tear, as well as fading in sunlight.

While not as durable as other processes due to topical ink, screen-printed designs do stand out from their metal surroundings, making them effective at communicating information.


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