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We produce high quality identification solutions for many organizations in the telecommunications industry. From asset tracking to providing inspection information, we aim to meet your identification needs.


Asset Tracking

Nearly every telecom company uses some type of assets they need to track. Whether it is equipment, cables, utility poles, or tools; everything needs tracked.

At Metal Marker, we produce high quality asset tagging solutions for a wide range of industries. Our asset tagging solutions include serialized number tags, as well as barcode tags.

Serialized Number Tags

Sometimes simple methods are the best methods. If your asset tracking solution is to add sequential numbers to your equipment, we can assist with that. We excel at producing serialized number tag solutions. This can include durable embossed tags with raised characters or photo anodized nameplates.

Barcode Tags

Adding a barcode tracking solution to your metal tags and nameplates can open up a new world of data collection and storage.

We offer tags with any barcode design you request.

The most utilized choices include:

Our barcode tags can be attached to equipment and poles to provide any relevant information in an instant. With just a quick scan, workers can have access to all the data they need.

Utility Poles

Telephone and utility poles rely on long-lasting identification for accurate and effective information marking.

Regular pole inspections means that proper identification is vital.

Examples of information often included:

  • Company contact info
  • Servicing number
  • GPS Location
  • Condition of the pole
  • When It Was Last Serviced or inspected


A few examples of our material options include:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Brass

Tag Types

Examples of our custom ID solutions include:

  • Barcode Tags
  • Serialized Identification Tags
  • Identification Plates
  • Asset Tags
  • Cable Ties
  • Custom Nameplates
  • Placards
  • Labels/Decals
  • And Many More!

We have nearly a century of experience producing nearly any type of metal identification solution you can think of.

Need a type of tag not listed? We’ve probably made it too. Contact us and we will work with you to produce the exact identification solution you need.



Our most common process used for telecommunications applications is embossing. This is one of the tried and true methods that nearly every industry relies on.

Industries that face environmental conditions need their parts to be one thing: durable.

The embossing process uses a die set to create a raised design in the metal material. These standout characters are not only easy to read, but incredibly durable. It’s possible the equipment your embossed nameplates are attached to will wear out before the tags do.

Serialized Embossing

These tags are also perfect for sequential marking. From equipment to utility poles, sometimes the best way to identify an asset is with serialized numbering.

Our embossed tags can be run in large quantities to provide you with as many numbers in a row as your application may call for.

Need specific number sets? (i.e. 50 sets of 1-100) We can handle that request as well.

Photo Anodization

Another popular process we offer is the photo anodization process. With this unique process we are able to insert your design between layers of anodized aluminum.

This provides the standout appearance and legibility of a printed tag, but with outstanding durability.

These nameplates are rated for 20+ years in outdoor environments. Poles, equipment, and cables all face weather, wear, and more.

Our photo anodized tags are designed to stay looking great even when exposed to tough working conditions.

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