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Metal nameplates are important. They’re not just metal labels on a machine. A metal nameplate can ensure equipment is operated correctly and keeps your organization running smoothly and safely.

  • Our custom metal nameplates are used by a wide range of industries.
  • Embedded with information for asset tracking, safety guidelines, or manufacturing data.
  • Customized nameplates built exactly to your specifications and custom design. Color choices, thickness, and more.
  • Various processes – Printed name plates with photo anodization, engraving, and etching.
  • Stick on almost any surface with an adhesive backing.
  • Clear communication and on-time delivery.
  • High-quality, cost-effective, and durable custom metal nameplate solutions.

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Customize Metal Nameplates by Material

We can produce custom metal plates with a variety of materials. We only use the best quality of materials for metal name plates. Some include:

Aluminum metal nameplate

Aluminum is one of the most versatile materials we offer. It is lightweight, yet highly durable. Aluminum is often anodized which makes it resistant to the elements. During the anodization process, a solid color can be added. This means anodized aluminum nameplates can come with a variety of color options. Specialized photosensitive aluminum is the only material used for the MetalPhoto process.

Brass metal nameplate

Brass Nameplates

Another popular option for nameplate material is brass. These are often selected due to their vintage look after they start to wear. The material is often used in plumbing or electrical applications.

Stainless steel metal nameplate

If you need the highest level of durability from a nameplate, stainless steel is your best bet. It is incredibly sturdy and will withstand harsh environments. The only limitation to longevity will be the process that you select. For example, an embossed tag will work perfectly for decades while a screen-printed steel tag will turn into a (very durable) blank tag after a few months after the ink wears off.

What’s a Metal Nameplate Used For?

Metal nameplates are used for a variety of purposes ranging from identification to safety warnings, and many of the nameplates available are customizable with any image, design, or information. That means you can decide exactly how you want nameplates to work in your business.

Here are some common applications:

ID plates with a model name and number, part number, or other information make it easy for people and machines to identify equipment, parts, tools, and other components. That can speed up productivity in most environments and help ensure quality outcomes in manufacturing, food service, construction, and other industries.

These aluminum plates are the perfect solution for tracking assets such as equipment by adding barcodes or serial numbers. The high durability of our metals means your product identification solution will withstand harsh conditions, so tracking information won’t rub off or fade away quickly as it might with paper or ink labels.

Nameplates can include more than identification content. They could include instructions for operation. For example, equipment nameplates on a copy machine might provide graphics about how to clear a paper jam, or plates on manufacturing equipment could identify the critical operating buttons and levers with brief definitions of what they do.

Metal nameplates could step beyond instruction to help increase safety. Warning signs about hazardous chemicals or dangerous equipment, information about the maximum load or a reminder to wear a hard hat beyond a certain door are all examples of how metal plates can help support safety.

Appliance, automobile, and electronics manufacturers are just some of the companies that use metal nameplates for branding on their products. Putting a plate with your company logo or company name in a prominent location on a product helps increase brand awareness and reputation.

What Applications Are Metal Nameplates Used For?

Custom metal nameplates are used in in variety of industrial applications. MetalPhoto nameplates are protected with an anodized substrate allowing you to effectively “print” with any images, graphics, or information for a near-permanent application.

Data plates are great for tracking assets such as equipment by adding barcodes. The high durability of using metal material means your data plates will hold up in harsh environments.

Industries such as aerospace rely on metal nameplates for their identification needs. Aircraft placards are vital for job safety, as well as meeting required aviation standards.

ID plate made for client's company ID plate made for client's company
Custom metal plate made for the Aerospace industry Custom metal plate made for the Aerospace industry
Highly durable military metal nameplate Highly durable military metal nameplate
Anodized aluminum metal name plate for a construction company Anodized aluminum metal name plate for a construction company

What Industries Use Metal Nameplates?

Metal nameplates provide versatile functionality that works in a variety of industries. Anywhere you need a long-lasting option for tagging, identifying, or branding, a metal nameplate may be a good choice.

Industries that use equipment nameplates include but aren’t limited to:

Foodservice and restaurants

Commercial food prep equipment must come with instructional signs that hold up to heat, oils, disinfectants, and robust use, making a metal nameplate ideal for use on ovens, refrigerators, and other appliances.


Metal nameplates and badges help identify aftermarket parts and provide options for decorative elements.

Marine and recreational vehicles

Whether it’s rolling on land or speeding across the waves, these vehicles offer numerous uses for metal nameplates, just as they do in the automotive industry.

Industrial, construction, and manufacturing

Long-lasting nameplates are a great choice for environments that might involve caustic chemicals and rugged use on the job.


Metal nameplates hold up to the inhospitable environments outside of aircraft and also have a variety of uses within airports or aerospace research and development facilities. Aircraft placards, for example, are vital for safety and meeting required aviation industry standards.

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