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Metal Nameplates

Our metal nameplates are used for identification by a wide range of industries. They can be embedded with information for asset tracking, safety guidelines, or manufacturing data.

Metal material is durable enough to hold up in industrial environments. Options such as aluminum and stainless steel provide long-lasting identification.

These plates are fully customizable to allow for any design, shape, information, images, barcodes, and more.


For industrial applications, durability is the name of the game. Your machines and equipment are often exposed to adverse conditions. They have to take constant use, wear and tear, inclement weather, and harsh chemicals.

You expect your equipment to hold up in these tough environments.

Why wouldn’t you expect the same from your metal nameplates?

Our high quality identification plates are manufactured with durable metal materials. The processes we offer include extreme durably solutions, with many lasting 20+ years outdoors in all environments.

Process Choices


If you are looking for a very sturdy tag with excellent readability, embossing is a great solution. A custom die set raises characters upwards in the metal.

A variable data embossing machine may be used to add unique info to each tag, or to handle smaller production runs.

Plus, the option for serialized numbers make these nameplates perfect for asset tracking or job tagging.

Stamping is a similar process in which a stamp creates an indented design in the material. They are highly durable and easy to read. Since a custom stamp must be created these tags are typically best suited for large scale production runs.


The MetalPhoto process directly embeds your custom design underneath an anodic layer of aluminum. It is tough enough to handle weather, chemicals, and more.

This photo anodization process offers the appearance of printing ink, but cannot be scratched off or removed. In addition, it adds the ability to utilize any design or image, including barcodes and QR codes.


Engraving cuts a deep mark into the material leaving a lasting design. These plates are fully customizable but the process is more time consuming.

Chemical or laser etching marks material with any information specified. They can then be filled in with a color to create a standout design.

Screen Printing/Digital Printing

Screen printing involves pressing ink through a screen directly onto the metal material. This is the only process that allows for full color designs. However, since the ink is topical it is very easy to be scratched or scraped off. This process is best suited for indoor applications.


What are metal nameplates used for?

In short, everything. From identifying equipment to marking valves – if there is something that needs identified or tracked there are organizations using metal nameplates to accomplish it.

Manufacturing facilities track their equipment with asset nameplates. Warning nameplates are placed in dangerous chemical plants. Construction equipment is marked with proper safety tolerances.

The number of uses are limitless.


Metal nameplates are incredibly customizable. The sky is the limit when it comes to your design.

We can add nearly anything you can imagine, including images, designs, logos, and more.

In addition, your nameplates don’t need to be a predetermined size or shape. We manufacture to your specifications. Whether you want a basic rectangle or a wild custom design, we can do it all.

The only limitations are process dependent. For example, a stamped tag cannot incorporate a QR code, a MetalPhoto nameplate is not able to produce designs with multiple colors, etc.

There is a process for every need, including the right balance of customization and durability.

Material Options

Choosing the right material for your usage will make a big difference in whether or not the nameplate is effective for your organization.


Aluminum is one of the most versatile materials we offer. It is lightweight, yet highly durable.

Aluminum is often anodized, adding increased durability and resistance. During the anodization process a solid color can be added. This means aluminum nameplates are able to be colorized.

Specialized photosensitive aluminum is the only material used for the MetalPhoto process.

Stainless Steel

If you need the absolute most durable nameplate available, stainless steel is your best bet. It is incredibly sturdy and will withstand nearly anything you throw at it.

The only limitation to longevity will be the process which you select. For example: an embossed tag will work perfectly for decades while a screen-printed steel tag will turn into a (very durable) blank tag after a few months after the ink wears off.


Another popular option for nameplate material is brass. These are often selected due to their vintage look after they start to wear. The material is often used in plumbing or electrical applications.

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