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Metal Embossed Tags

Looking for a solution ready to withstand anything you throw at it? Metal embossed tags are one of the go-to options when dealing with the toughest environments.

Not going to put your nameplates through a ton of wear and tear? Embossed characters are still excellent in normal conditions as well. They are easily readable even at distances, and color options make them a quick way to identify and sort.


Embossing is a reliable custom ID solution which creates raised characters in the metal itself. A custom made die set is used to emboss metal. These tags feature the same information on each, as well as the option for sequential numbering.

We also have the capability of producing custom nameplates with variable data (different information on each tag).


One of the most important factors when it comes to identification products is durability. This solution is highly durable (rated for 20+ years outdoors). It is made to hold up to the grit and grime of tough work environments.

In addition, if the embossed characters are painted over or get dirty, they will still be legible. This is a lifesaver in many applications.

Make sure you know what type of environment the plate will be used in – this is a major factor in your product selection.


A standout feature of embossed tags is their ability for the addition of color. Anodized aluminum material can be made with nearly any color required (The entire tag as a solid color).

This is an excellent option for color coding inventory or assets. For example, using blue tags on water pipes, or always using red tags for a type of equipment. Another great use of color is for company branding purposes.


Embossed nameplates are made with a variety of materials to best fit your application. Aluminum offers the anodization process, and lightweight durability. Stainless steel tags provide the highest level of durability. Brass tags tarnishes over time for a worn, vintage appearance.

Some of the most common materials include:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Brass


Metal embossed tags are used in nearly any industry and application imaginable.

Serialized embossing is perfect for tracking assets or jobs. The high durability of this process allows them to be used in all conditions. For example, telephone pole tags are exposed to the elements 24/7.

Other applications include:

  • Job Tags
  • Valve Tags (Steam Trap)
  • Telephone Pole Tags
  • Super Elevation Tags
  • Inventory Traceability
  • Product Identification

There are endless possibilities for custom identification.


Embossed tags and nameplates are used by numerous industries across the world.

Energy companies often put their assets and equipment in tough environments, which makes highly durable tags crucial.

  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Oil/Gas
  • Military
  • Many More

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Metal embossed tags are made exact to your specifications or we will work with you to develop solutions which meet your requirements. We have the ability to produce tags to the size and shape you require with our in-house die shop.

We manufacture nameplates with your logo or any other design. We have the capability to efficiently produce both large and small quantities at low cost.

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