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Water Purification Plant Tags

How Do After Market Equipment Tags Work?

During times of economic recession and overall downturn, business organizations face difficult decisions. Cutting back expenses to keep a business afloat might mean laying off employees, reducing spend in less critical areas, and saving in any way possible. The economic cris...

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Data Code Plates

What Are Industrial Data Plates?

Industrial data plates are marking fixtures attached to equipment, machinery, tools, and more. They are specifically designed for industrial use, providing years of reliability. Whether it is machine specs, safety warnings, or company info; custom data plates provide an effe...

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What are Safety Signs?

Preventing job site errors or accidents before they occur is the best way to maintain a truly safe work environment. Being proactive is the only way to accomplish this goal. Utilizing safety identification tags, signs, and placards are an effective method...

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Logo Tags

How Metal Marker is Assisting COVID-19 Efforts

2020 has been one of the most challenging years in recent history as the coronavirus outbreak known as COVID-19 has completely altered society on a global scale. Non-essential businesses have been ordered to shut down, schools and workplaces have transitioned to a remote env...

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Seating Tags

How Does Fleet Tracking Work?

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be incredibly challenging. There are always issues with repairs and service work, drivers who don’t adhere to guidelines or planned routes, and the list of potential problems doesn’t end. Transportation and logistics organizations which r...

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    Drilling Company


    “I never have to worry about quality or our shipments being late. I know that once something is in Metal Marker’s hands that it will be taken care of without a second thought or follow up from me.”

    Aerospace Company

    Executive - Manufacturer
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