The machining business can be complex territory, with most industries utilizing machines somehow. The number of tags used varies by the scope of the project but will almost always include safety tags, identification for machines and chemicals, and tracking tags. Read on to learn how machinery tags are used in the industry and find out about our custom metal tag embossing and engraving, etching and stamping services.

A young worker using machinery. Machinery tags is not only important for identification but also important for safety when using different machineries.

Metal Equipment Tags for Identification or Information

Nameplate tags have an important purpose for identification on construction sites. For example, machines can be tagged for tolerance indication or provide information or guidelines for manufacturer failure. In most instances, the equipment tags should have weather-resistant properties. Metal Marker’s stamped metal labels are one possibility for this use. This machinery tag may last at least 20 years outdoors without losing the critical data on it — even in the most extreme environments. 

Quality Faceplates and Complex Imaging Tags for Long-Lasting Information

One of the reasons to use brass, copper or stainless steel faceplates on machinery or other items is to provide detailed instruction on maintenance and replacement, correct usage techniques and manufacturer information. Especially in areas where the elements may cause deterioration beyond normal wear and tear, plastic labels often don’t stand the test of time. By using metal materials to facilitate proper tagging at your company, you’re ensuring the people who need to reference information regarding a machine will be able to do so for years to come.

Our engraving technicians can assist with choosing material that best suits your working environment, whether you need to put a tagging system on a machine used in the manufacturing industry or as part of a more unique application like shellfish tagging or cremation ID tags.

Construction Safety Tags

It’s important to ensure all workers stay safe in the manufacturing industry, so make sure to have clear and legible instructions printed in easy-to-find places on your machinery, ladders and scaffolds. The use of safety tags or alerts is a key component in ensuring your workers know what standards to adhere to as well as complying with inspections that require clear safety labels.

Furthermore, there are incalculable returns on the investments made in a construction project that has a focus on the safety and continued health of your workforce and anyone who uses your products. The sheer number of construction sub-industries provides countless applications for our durable metal equipment tags.

Falls have been cited as a major workplace injury cause, along with crushing and amputation injuries. Many of these can be avoided by using the proper safety precaution identification tags on machines. A metal identification tag informs workers when the last inspection was and any safety considerations they need to know.

Citations are extremely costly, and the cost incurred increases rapidly. Current OSHA standards state that a penalty can increase by over $14,500 per day if not paid by the date of abatement, and repeated offenses can come with a fine of over $145,000 for a willful violation. Proper tagging can help you avoid the financial loss that can happen when an employee is injured or your company fails inspections because of a lack of proper machine identification.

For Repair and Maintenance

Keeping all your equipment running at optimum levels will ensure you have a steady production volume and schedule. When machines fail, the system stops operating. Keeping records of every machine in your plant can be a valuable tool in your inventory. Use metal labels as identification devices to plan your production workload.

Blank metal tags

Parts and Pieces for You or Your Customers

Make blank metal tags for all products, including any machine parts that will need to be identified in the future. When you manufacture complex and customized machines, you can ensure future repairs are easier for technicians who aren’t entirely familiar with your specific tools by using a metal tag. By properly identifying manufacturing products, you can help keep them in good working condition for the long haul.

You can also offer machinery tags for your customers to purchase to create their organizational system, such as for medical supply companies. By offering your clients the chance to customize their equipment tags, you can provide a level of service other supply companies simply don’t, increasing your overall value.

Let us help you excel in your field by offering your clients the next level of equipment supplying our extensive line of blank tags for engraving and etching. They’re available in a variety of shapes and metals, with variable information capabilities that can incorporate barcodes, QR codes, images, DDTC and ITAR registered UID decals and more. 

Metal Tags for Asset Tracking

Tagging can also help to track assets efficiently, making it possible to quickly monitor expensive equipment on building sites. Using technology such as a barcode scanner or number scanner to upload equipment statuses to project-specific databases, you can get important details out to the people who need to know — fast. This can help your project managers and technicians stay on top of current and potential issues, as well as maintain a constant log of the health of your equipment.

The costs of obtaining stolen goods can be huge, whether you’ve lost a large piece of machinery or a small device containing critical data. Having equipment marking tags can deter thieves, as it’s far more difficult to sell a stolen piece of equipment that’s identifiable and traced. As the owner, you can easily remove the tags and their association in local databases if you decide to sell your equipment.

Whatever your industry specialty and need for metal tags are, you can find the highest-quality industrial tags and labels at Metal Marker Manufacturing Company. We can help you determine the ideal tag for your project. Whether you need to include bar codes, install tags in confined spaces or have some unique custom request, Metal Marker is happy to help. Contact us today  at 1-800-428-0095.