Manufacturing Plants

One of the most essential industries, manufacturing provides the basis for nearly every aspect of our lives. Without manufacturing plants, you would not have the computer you are reading this on.

Designed to produce everything from parts and equipment to everyday consumer goods, manufacturing plants are tailored to fit a wide range of needs.

This plants and factories rely heavily on custom identification to maintain a safe and efficient operation.


Asset Tracking

Just like most industrial type operations, organizations within the manufacturing industry rely on a bevy of equipment and machinery for production.

Equipment, heaters, chemical tanks, and more all are used to produce an end product.

In order to maintain and ensure these machines are running effectively, organizations use asset tags and labels to effectively track and monitor them.


In any type of plant which uses pipes with chemicals, water, and more, identification is extremely important.

Marking valves with identification on what is inside the pipe or conduit is extremely important for operators.

This not only helps effectively communicate the liquid inside, but also helps to reduce any mistakes or accidents.


As mentioned, marking valves is important for operators as a misunderstanding can greatly increase the potential for damage or injury stemming from one of these devices.

A key component of safety for any type of plant is periodic inspections. These regular checks are mandatory for this type of operation.

Not only do they ensure correct processes and safety protocols are being administered, but they help ensure all equipment is functional and not putting employees at risks.


While this is more of a rare case, some organizations may utilize custom metal tags in their production processes directly.

For example, automotive tire manufacturers may use a custom debossed nameplate to imprint a design into a rubber tire surface.

This is not the typical usage, but shows the true versatility metal identification brings to the table.

Marking Processes

Photo Anodization

The biggest factor regarding tags used in this industry is will they hold up to the rigors of usage.

Marking processes in the manufacturing industry must be durable enough to withstand wear and tear, as well as the potential for chemical exposure.

Photo anodization eliminates any of these concerns with its 20+ year outdoor durability. The process embeds the design underneath a protective aluminum layer, shielding it from wear or other chemical exposure.

The nameplates can include barcodes, QR codes, and more for asset tracking purposes. In addition, any other data needed on the tag can be included, such as a company logo or human readable information (HRI).


The printing process provides the highest level of customization for marking processes. Designs can be nearly any logo or information, and even include color.

While printed labels are very versatile, they are not the best solution when it comes to harsher environments.

Labels are best suited for usage in safer locations which will not see a great deal of wear and tear on a regular basis.


Manufacturing plants are the key to virtually every type of product we consume. From vital tools and equipment to toys and games, manufacturing is a crucial part of our lives. Identification tags help ensure that plants function at their safest and most effective level.