The print industry has come a long way since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the 1400s. Instead of applying ink to movable type by hand, printing companies now use innovative techniques to produce a wide range of materials, including printing tags.

Metal Marker Manufacturing Company produces custom tags with thousands of applications, making it easier for companies in the printing industry to keep track of their assets and warn employees about the dangers associated with printing machinery and chemicals. Read on to learn more about how printing tags are used to help publishers and print shops streamline their operations.

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The Printing Industry: An Overview

When many people think of “print,” they think of newspapers, books and magazines. The printing industry is much broader, however. Printing companies and independent artists print on textile products, glass, plastic, metal and other materials, giving them a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to meeting customer specifications. Several national chains offer printing services, giving companies of all sizes access to cost-effective brochures, business cards, banners, postcards and more.

Uses for Printing Tags

Metal Marker Manufacturing specializes in metal tags, which are much more durable than tags made out of card stock or adhesive paper. This durability makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Asset Management

Metal asset labels are used to track machinery, finished goods, materials and other items as they move around, making it easier to limit losses associated with theft and poor inventory management. In the print industry, metal asset labels can be used to track laminators, copiers, laser printers and pallets of supplies, reducing the amount of time spent locating missing assets.

Embossing and Engraving for Customers

Blank tags are ideal for companies that want to offer printed tags to their customers. At Metal Marker Manufacturing Company, we’ve been making blank tags for nearly 100 years. Whether you need a stainless-steel rectangle or a circular tag made from aluminum, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure you receive high-quality tags every time you order. We also have product experts on hand to help you choose tags that’ll fit your machinery, making it easy to offer embossing and engraving as a value-added service to your customers.

Product or Equipment Identification

Labeling equipment and materials is a great way to help new employees locate the items they need to do their jobs. It can also help printing companies reduce waste, as there’s less chance an employee will use the wrong item to complete a customer’s project. At Metal Marker Manufacturing Company, we offer a variety of options for identification tags ranging from aluminum and stainless steel to brass and copper. We can also print your company’s logo on each tag or include a barcode to help you keep even better track of your equipment and materials.

Safety Compliance

Depending on what type of printing you do, your employees may have to handle hazardous chemicals on a regular basis. Custom safety tags make it much easier to warn employees of potential dangers and instruct them on how to prevent serious injuries. Safety data sheets are important, and you should have one on file for every chemical you use, but it takes time to read through each one and determine the best way to proceed. Tags are small enough to read in just a few seconds, and they also contain symbols that can be used to quickly determine the hazards involved in handling each chemical, making them ideal for communicating safety information to employees throughout your company.

Custom tags can also be used to communicate safety information about the machinery you use in your daily operations. There’s almost no limit to what you can do with tags when it comes to letting employees know how to use equipment safely. You can even have tags printed with serial numbers, manufacturing dates and other data to help employees determine when a machine is likely to need maintenance or repairs. Serial numbers and manufacturing dates can also be used to help employees locate equipment manuals and repair guides for older pieces of equipment that are no longer in production.

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Tags for Printing: How Do They Work?

If your printing business needs to buy metal tags for printing on your own premises, it’s important to understand how the tags work. With screen printing, ink is applied through a screen to create a specific design. Some companies make the printed design more durable by applying a protective coating after the printing process is complete.

Digital printing is ideal for more intricate designs. It also offers additional flexibility, as you can use metal, vinyl or other materials to achieve a specific look and feel. For example, some companies create polyester decals that look like printed tags without taking up as much space. You can use these decals to label machinery and other items. If you decide to go with metal tags, we offer products made from aluminum, stainless steel, brass, cold rolled steel, copper and more, giving you extra flexibility.

Learn More About Printing Tags

Whether you need asset labels or printing tags to emboss or engrave for your customers, Metal Marker Manufacturing Company has the experience needed to produce a high-quality result each and every time you order. We also have product specialists on hand to discuss your needs and make recommendations regarding tag materials and sizing. If you tell us what you want to do with your tags, we can tell you how to get the best result without going over your budget.

To learn more about our printing tags and other custom identification products, contact Metal Marker Manufacturing Company at (800) 428-0095. Our experienced staff members are ready to help you choose just the right tags for your printing business.