One of the most important considerations for any organization involved within the supply chain is safety. Warehouses feature a ton of moving parts, machines, and people at all times. Additional exposure to hazardous substances can be present as well depending on the industry or type of warehouse.

By utilizing highly durable safety tags and nameplates, these supply chain operations can help maintain a safer work environment.

Warning Labels and Signage

Warning labels and signs are everywhere in industrial environments. Take one step into a factory or warehouse and you’ll see bunches and bunches of warnings and hazard signs.

These signs serve to caution employees and anyone else in the vicinity from any potential hazards or risks. This is equally true for industries which use hazardous chemicals or heavy machinery. In this case, warning signs, placards, and labels are an absolute must.

Warning labels are often not an optional decision for businesses. They are mandated by law depending on location and industry.



MetalPhoto is a special-made anodized aluminum. It uses a unique process to embed a design underneath protective layers of metal.

Since the material is highly durable it is used in countless industrial applications. Everyone from oil refineries to the military rely on this process to create a lasting custom identification solution.

Photo anodization can add any image, design, characters, or numbers to your label or nameplate. Whether it’s a logo, a unique design, or just basic numbering; MetalPhoto can do it all.

In addition, a solid color can be added to the nameplates to give them a stand out appearance or for color coding purposes.


If metal labels just won’t work for your application, decals are another viable solution. They provide the same level of customization as photo anodization with a few extra benefits. Since decals are printed, they can include full color designs.

The drawback to decals is that they are not nearly as durable. The printed ink is fully susceptible to wear and tear, especially in industrial conditions.

They will not survive being exposed to the elements. Water, spills, chemicals, and weather will deteriorate the labels very quickly.

In addition, the material is a vinyl or plastic as opposed to solid metal. After a year in a busy warehouse your decal may be in rough condition.

Decals can be laminated to provide additional protection, but are still susceptible to damage in tough environments.


At the end of the day, the most important part of the supply chain isn’t speed or traceability or efficiency. It’s all about safety. Maintaining a safe work environment is absolutely critical. Using metal identification tags and signs alongside other safe practices will help ensure a safe workplace.