2020 has been one of the most challenging years in recent history as the coronavirus outbreak known as COVID-19 has completely altered society on a global scale.

Non-essential businesses have been ordered to shut down, schools and workplaces have transitioned to a remote environment, and social distancing guidelines has changed the way we function on a daily basis.

Metal Marker has been working hard to do our part as an essential business during this trying time.

Medical Research and Testing

With the coronavirus effectively shutting down the global economy, a race to find a vaccine as well as better testing methods is ongoing.

Biological research facilities are working arduously to develop better procedures and hopefully a vaccination.

Metal tags are currently being used to help organize the large quantities of testing samples at these research facilities.

Embossed tags can be used to set up a grid system, allowing for a large selection of test samples to be organized in a methodical way.

This helps keep samples from getting mixed up or misplaced, making the lives of researchers that much easier during this stressful time

Other Ways Tags and Labels are Being Used

Medical Labels

With hospitals facing increased demand and shortages of PPE as well as other equipment, effectively tracking and utilizing devices is crucial.

Medical organizations rely on UDI labels and other identification to effectively manage their allocated supplies.

Devices and equipment are typically scanned and logged to each patient so each device can be individually tracked.

In addition, regular inspections of equipment ensures everything is functioning appropriately. Having clear labeling on a device helps speed the inspection process up, as well as helps to improve the accuracy.

As the COVID-19 virus typically manifests itself as a condition with respiratory symptoms, ventilators have become a major factor in helping effected patients.

These ventilators are in short supply with high demand, and tracking their use with medical labels can help provide hospitals with clear understanding at all times of their inventory level.

Material Choices

One of the key decisions that any custom metal tag purchaser must make is what material to use for their nameplates.

Selecting the right material can make the difference between an effective and ineffective solution.

One of the commonly chosen metal materials in the healthcare sector is stainless steel.

This material is extremely durable, and able to handle nearly any type of usage.

For example, if the tags are going to be reused safely in a medical environment, they will need to be frequently decontaminated or disinfected using harsh chemicals. Stainless steel will resist the exposure to bleach and other cleaning solutions.


Metal tags and labels are more vital than ever during times like these. From medical research facilities using metal tags for organization and labeling purposes to hospitals labeling their PPE, custom identification is crucial.

Metal Marker will continue to do everything we can to assist during this time. If your organization is within the medical sector, please let us know how we can provide a solution for you.