Aluminum asset tags have an important purpose in many businesses, so it’s imperative the company takes steps to ensure they’re kept in good condition. This helps to keep the asset protection program in place and working as it should.

One of the challenges that comes with having asset tags is being able to keep them in good condition. These tags come in a variety of materials, including metal. While you might not think your company needs aluminum asset tags or some made of another material, these tags often last longer than those of other materials. It’s important that your company cares for the tags properly.

What Should You Include on Asset Tags?

The exact contents of an asset tag will depend on your company’s needs. At a minimum, you should include the company name and any identifying information about the equipment that can help when the equipment needs maintenance or needs to be located.

It may behoove your company to include a unique barcode or QR code for each piece of equipment. Your employees could then scan the code easily when the equipment needs to be used or serviced. The code could be tied in with the records for the equipment so it’s easy for everyone to know exactly what’s being done with the machine.

oval aluminum asset tags

Why Is It Important to Keep Asset Tags in Good Condition?

In many companies, asset tags are the most efficient way to keep track of the business’s valuable assets. In larger companies, asset management can take considerable time if everything isn’t marked to make it easier to do inventory.

Some companies also use asset tags to make it easy for repairmen to find equipment that needs to be repaired. This can also make it easier to know when things have been repaired if the repairman is servicing multiple items in one trip.

Asset tags are also ideal for keeping track of maintenance. This is important for companies that have multiple setups with the same equipment. It takes considerable time for employees to go through equipment to find serial numbers, but they won’t have to worry about that if there are metal asset tags included on the items.

Another part of asset management is tracking aspects of owning the equipment, such as depreciation over time. This can help you accurately gauge the value of the company’s assets. It can even help you determine how assets are being used within the company, such as cross-department utilization.

These tags can provide quick information for audits. This is especially important for companies that deal with compliance issues regarding the equipment, as well as helping ensure everything is accounted for when inventory is done.

How Can You Keep Asset Tags in Good Shape?

When you choose metal asset tags, there’s less chance of them tearing or becoming damaged, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require maintenance. When you’re planning for aluminum asset tags of other metal asset tags, be sure you consider these points:

  • The proper placement of metal asset tags is important. You should try to place the metal asset tag in a place where it’s easily accessible, but not where it will face a lot of wear and tear. If possible, the asset tag for each item should be placed in the same location on the same type of machine.
  • Caring for metal asset tags isn’t difficult. One of the easiest things you can do to keep these tags in good condition is to wipe them down when you clean the equipment. This can help remove dirt and other substances that might corrode the metal. Corrosion might not impact the integrity of the tag, but it could make the codes and other identifying materials unreadable.

Find the Best Aluminum Asset Tags for Your Business

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