Based on MIL-STD-130N (17 December 2017)

MM MIL 130 REVISION 1.0 (10.1.19)

At Metal Marker, we strive to meet your exact specifications. Military standards can get tricky, especially within the UID and IUID tag procedures.

This guide sets forth our interpretation of the MIL-STD-130 guidelines so you can know exactly what to expect when you place an order with us.

Marking Process

Photo Anodizing

Due to the high quality and durability of the design, this process is approved for both barcodes as well as HRI (Human Readable Information). Linear 1D barcodes as well as 2D Data Matrix codes are frequently used.

The photo anodizing process is recommended for:

  • Nameplates
  • Foil Plates
  • Placards

Information Specifications

Our interpretation of MIL-STD-130 also includes specifications for the design and information elements used on nameplates.


Human readable information (HRI) starts with a minimum character height of 0.08 in. This is to ensure the text is clear enough to remain legible.

HRI information must also be written using one of several approved fonts:

  • Arial
  • Futura
  • Gothic
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Other Sans-Serif Fonts

Guidelines also apply to numbers on the tags as well. Numerals should be Arabic, unless a specific government or industry standard calls for the use of Roman Numerals.


Barcodes must adhere to similar standards. This is not only to maintain uniformity, but also guarantee the code information will be easily picked up by a scanning device.

Linear barcodes must be one of three standard types:

  • Code 39
  • Code 128
  • GS1-128

In addition, the narrow range dimensions for the pattern must be 0.0075 in (0.19 mm) to 0.015 in (0.38 mm).

Data Matrix codes must be ECC 200 type, and 0.0075 in (0.19 mm) to 0.025 in (0.635 mm).

Shipping Procedures

For MIL-STD-130 compliant orders, we use specified shipping procedures. The nameplates are packaged in a standardized way to ensure the highest level of consistency.

  • Sorting Method
  • Packaging
  • Etc.

MM MIL 130 REVISION 1.0 (10.1.19)