Metal tags aren’t just for marking industrial machinery and tracking equipment. One of the best uses for custom metal tags is for furniture. Manufacturers of all types of furniture utilize metal name tags for branding, tracking, and to meet customer needs.

MetalPhoto and engraved metal labels for furniture are both excellent for this application due to their high durability and customization options.

Whether it’s a logo tag for a bench, chair, table, or a key chain used for furniture store marketing purposes, there is a suitable identification solution for every piece of furniture.

 brass furniture tags for furniture pieces with fabrics


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Sequential-Numbered-Stamped Sequential-Numbered-Stamped
Stainless-Steel-Stamped-Tag Stainless-Steel-Stamped-Tag
Red-Anodized-Custom-Stamped-Metal-Tag Red-Anodized-Custom-Stamped-Metal-Tag
Square-Custom-Metal-Stamped-Tag Square-Custom-Metal-Stamped-Tag
Hanger-Tag-Metal-Identification Hanger-Tag-Metal-Identification
Numerical-Stamped-Five-Digit-Metal-Tag Numerical-Stamped-Five-Digit-Metal-Tag
Metal-Pressed-Tag Metal-Pressed-Tag
Customizable-Stamped-Whirlpool-Tag Customizable-Stamped-Whirlpool-Tag
Customized-Name-Plates Customized-Name-Plates
Metal-Circle-Tag-Stamped Metal-Circle-Tag-Stamped

What Are Custom Metal Furniture Labels Used For?

As a furniture manufacturer, you want people to notice your product and ask “Wow, that’s quality. Who made that?” What you don’t want is that person unable to figure out you made the product. This is where having custom branding or a metal logo comes into play.

By featuring a company’s brand name, location, and/or contact info, there will never be an issue.

Another usage is for custom messages. There are hundreds of thousands of park benches across the country, and many of them feature a custom nameplate of some sort. They often feature a brass plate in dedication, paid for by, donation, or in remembrance.

A large city park may need hundreds of these brass tags each with a unique message. In addition, the benches are exposed to the elements 24/7. Any name badges attached to them have to be able to survive in all weather conditions.

In addition to custom messaging, large cities may also wish to identify and track their publicly used furniture. Something as simple as adding a QR code or serial number makes the bench a traceable asset. This labeling method can inform decision-makers about the condition, install date, or any other information desired.

Furniture Tag Materials

Material selection is about what works best for the application they will be used in. Furniture style may play a role in material selection as well.

Certain nameplate styles might be better for a corresponding furniture style, such as using antique brass tags on furniture with a dark wood stain to add to the aesthetic. Even for situations where tags are attached to the fabric and material of the furniture itself – similar to a metal garment label – Metal Marker can do that.

Brass or copper hang tags can feature a fun and vintage look perfect for furniture with a similar aesthetic. However, stainless steel or aluminum tags might be better suited for more modern pieces.

Some of the most common material choices include:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper


When it comes to custom metal tags for furniture, durability is important. The primary factor is whether or not the piece will be used outdoors. For fixtures that are used outdoors, a durable marker is necessary. These are best suited for the MetalPhoto process.

Indoor applications are typically less dependent on durability. Since longevity is less of a concern, in this case, other processes such as engraving or etching are often used. Regardless of the application and material of your furniture metal nameplate, with Metal Marker you can rest assured you’ve received a high-quality product that’s built to last.

 furniture tags for sale at affordable prices


Some of the most popular processes for this application include Engraved tags, Embossed tags, and MetalPhoto tags.


Traditionally, furniture plates have been engraved. This allows for highly detailed custom designs and decals. The laser engraving process creates deep cuts in the material, ensuring a standout look.

One potential negative to keep in mind is that laser engraving is a very time-consuming process. For large scale production runs, it may not be cost-effective as the run time adds up.

Deep cuts in the metal mean it will take more than a little wear and tear to remove the information from the plate. While engraved furniture nameplates are durable, they are not expected to last a significant duration in outdoor environments.


Embossed custom metal labels are another common process for furniture tags. A custom die-set creates a raised design in the metal substrate. This allows for extremely high durability, perfect for outdoor applications.

With custom designs, a new stamp must be created for each. If you are adding just your personalized logo and info on every plate, that’s no problem. However, if you need different information on each plate it is no longer cost-effective.


The MetalPhoto process directly embeds a design underneath an anodic layer of the aluminum material.

With MetalPhoto, the sky’s the limit in terms of customization. Manufacturers are able to add any design they can imagine. A printed logo, number, contact number, or even custom images. For asset tracking, QR Codes or barcodes can be added as well.

The aluminum tag is typically a natural silver color, but a colored metal background can be added during the anodization process.

If durability is a factor, photo anodization is a solid choice. Rated for 20+ years outdoors, the design will hold up in all weather conditions and even wear and tear.


Furniture manufacturers across the nation need to identify their products with high-quality custom metal tags or sales tags. Whether it is a brass engraved nameplate or a MetalPhoto tag with a QR Code, there is the right solution for every manufacturer. This identification is not only practical but also adds to the aesthetics of the furniture piece.

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