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Custom Nameplates

At Metal Marker, when we say custom, we mean custom. When you place an order with us we don’t pull a nameplate off the shelf; we produce it to your specifications. This includes everything from your nameplate design, your logo, your text, and your images.

There are very few limitations to what we can make for you. We can include custom logos, specialized designs, and even QR codes or Data Matrix codes.


At Metal Marker, we produce quality identification solutions using quality materials. Some of our nameplate material selection includes:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Cold Rolled Steel

Color Options

We don’t stop at just basic design and material choices. We offer a wide range of color options as well. If your nameplate is being produced from anodized aluminum, we can add colorization for branding, color coding, or to make your design stand out.

If your process involves printing, your design can even include color text.



For many organizations, simple and durable is all that matters. In these instances, our embossing and stamping are two of the best options for custom nameplates.

Embossing creates raised metal characters for maximum visibility even in tough conditions. These plates are highly durable and will not wear easily. In addition, embossed plates can be serialized for asset identification or job tagging.

Stamping uses a press to indent your design into the metal. These indentations are easy to read and are long-lasting.

While these nameplate processes typically feature basic text and/or numbers, we also have the ability to create custom stamps with your information or even a simple logo.

Photo Anodization

One of our most popular processes for custom nameplates, photo anodization is a highly durable option with full customization. These nameplates are created using a process which embeds the design in the aluminum layers. This provides 20+ year outdoor durability.

In addition, any custom design can be embedded. This includes text, logos, barcodes, and images. Plus, we can even add a colored background to your design for color coding, branding, or to simply make it stand out.

Digital/Screen Printing

If your nameplate needs to feature a color design, look no further than printing. Both screen and digital printing can provide a design with bright colors to help your information pop.

From warning signs to company branded plates, printing can provide versatile solutions.


You don’t want to replace your nameplates every 3 months, and with our quality solutions you won’t have to.

We design and produce identification for industrial-grade usage. Depending on the material and process you select, your custom plates can last decades.

We offer solutions made to withstand wear and tear, weather, chemical exposure, and more.


What exactly are our nameplates used for? Nearly anything you can imagine.

Industrial organizations utilize custom nameplates for equipment marking, asset tracking, and safety/warning signs.


Our custom nameplates are used by a wide range of industries. A few examples include:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • And Many More!

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From material to design, we make sure your solution will be made right the first time. If there is a problem or miscommunication, we do everything in our power to correct it.

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