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Aerospace Nameplates

The aerospace industry relies on clear and accurate information to maintain safety and proper operations.

Heavy regulations and strict specifications mean partnering with the right manufacturer is critical. At Metal Marker, we have handled many of these regulations and specs, and are well suited to handle your requests. We strive to work with you to meet or exceed most industry standards.

In addition, our quality management system is AS9100 certified.



There is very little margin for error when manufacturing, inspecting, and operating aerospace equipment. From aircraft to machinery, one mistake can cost millions of dollars.

One of the most effective ways to prevent errors is prominent and accurate identification. Aerospace nameplates provide vital information to the people who rely on it most.

This can include identifying parts by serial codes, technical specifications, manufacturer information, and even safety guidelines.

By keeping your parts and equipment properly labeled with aerospace nameplates, your organization will be more likely to pass inspections, catch issues before they occur, and prevent accidents and errors.

Asset Tracking

Equipment and parts used in the aerospace industry are sometimes incredibly expensive. Tracking these vital assets using a code scanning system is one way to ensure they are being properly managed.

Asset traceability can be applied to nearly any aerospace part using our barcode nameplates.

Some of the most commonly used code types used include:

  • Barcodes
  • QR Codes
  • Data Matrix Codes
  • And More


Durability is a driving factor in this industry. Parts, panels, and components are often exposed to harsh conditions. This includes high temperatures, chemicals, sunlight exposure, and other weather.

Selecting a material and process which is able to withstand the conditions the nameplates will be exposed to is crucial for a successful solution.

Not sure what is right for you? We are happy to help guide you to the right solution for your needs.



Aluminum is typically the preferred metal substrate used for this sector. The most important factor is the lightweight characteristic of aluminum.

Extremely strict specifications and weight tolerances are placed on aircraft, including military standards, flight safety, and more.

This makes aluminum a great solution as it doesn’t add significant weight to components it is added to, but provides outstanding durability.

Stainless Steel

If weight tolerances aren’t an issue, or if the best in durability is an absolute must, we also provide stainless steel. Stainless is a highly durable material that is best for the harshest conditions.


Photo Anodizing

Our photo anodizing process is one of the most popular for aerospace organizations. This process embeds your information underneath layers of an anodized aluminum material.

The anodized aluminum material is versatile in that it is both extremely lightweight and durable, making it perfectly suited for aircraft and other aerospace applications. Photo anodization is rated for 20+ years of use outdoors.

If your application requires a colorized tag, this can be also added through the anodization process.

Nearly any design can be used with this process. Whether you need basic text, a barcode, logo, or imaging. This gives a very large range of potential uses as well as provides the ability to meet many specs and standards.


For more simplified marking solutions, the embossing process provides a highly effective means to identify machinery, tools, and more.

These nameplates feature prominently raised characters created by a die set. This upward impression is extremely durable, and suitable for aerospace applications.

In addition, serialized number embossed nameplates are perfect for making parts, tools, and more.

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