Property tags are essentially a simple and easy way to mark and track your property. These are also commonly referred to as property labels, as they are usually small tags which adhere to the surface of an item.

Property ID labels can be utilized by organizations and individuals to track assets and discourage fraud. With the right design and materials you can get professional and durable asset tags designed precisely to meet your requirements. These are used to mark industrial equipment, expensive machinery, and even everyday tools. If you own it, why not mark it?

Asset tags and barcode labels for asset tracking


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Screen-Printed-Asset-Management-ID-Tag Screen-Printed-Asset-Management-ID-Tag
Etched-And-Filed-Nameplate-For-Electric-Motor Etched-And-Filed-Nameplate-For-Electric-Motor
Copper-Orange-Black-Green-Metal-Tags Copper-Orange-Black-Green-Metal-Tags
Painted-Steel-Metal-Tag Painted-Steel-Metal-Tag
Blue-Screen-Printed-Metal-Tag-Equipment Blue-Screen-Printed-Metal-Tag-Equipment
Inventory-Control Inventory-Control
Laser-Engraved-Tag Laser-Engraved-Tag
Air-Tools-Metal-Nameplate Air-Tools-Metal-Nameplate
Nuclear-Station-ID-Sign Nuclear-Station-ID-Sign
Work-Load-Limit-Nameplate Work-Load-Limit-Nameplate
Manufactured-Asset-ID-Placard Manufactured-Asset-ID-Placard
Tool-Engineering-Tag Tool-Engineering-Tag


Mark & Track Assets

As mentioned, these tags are not dissimilar from asset tags, as they mark company-owned assets. While asset tags are often visualized as a logo and a barcode, it’s common to also see “property of (company name)” on these labels.

While marking property to show you own it is great, adding additional features such as a QR code or Data Matrix code turns property labels into a high utility solution. They can then be integrated into an asset traceability system.


It may seem silly, but adding a simple label onto equipment or any office furniture that says “property of…” can make a big difference when it comes to accountability. Seeing that tag will make users of the machine more careful when using the equipment as to prevent damage or improper use.

Theft Prevention

Protecting your organization’s assets from theft is obviously important. One of the best and most cost effective methods for preventing theft is by utilizing property tags. This helps to deter potential theft before it occurs.

People are less likely to take something that is prominently marked “property of company X”.

Labels can be difficult to remove if they are produced with industrial-grade adhesives.

In addition, tamper-resistant materials and even tamper evident labels can be added for additional security. For example, when a would-be thief attempts to peel the label off, it cracks apart into small, hard to remove pieces.

Another option is labels which when removed leave a very prominent VOID mark on the equipment or item.


Property labels are produced with quite a range of materials. Some industrial organizations rely on durable metal materials such as aluminum or stainless steel for their identification solutions.

Other businesses prefer the flexibility and customization of vinyl or polyester decals. Not all surfaces that need marked are perfectly flat, making these labels a great fit.

In addition, these stick-on markers can be produced with full-color designs. If your organization must have their logo in multiple colors on a label, decals are an excellent solution.


Photo Anodization

UID IUID Mil Std 130 Example Tag Property of US Government with custom design QR code and USA flagWhen you are sticking a metal label onto your expensive equipment, you don’t want something that is going to wear out within a few years. With photo anodization, this is never a concern. It is made to survive harsh environments and to resist chemicals, UV exposure, salt spray, abrasion and more.

The photo anodization process embeds a design inside layers of aluminum, creating a long-lasting seal of protection. Rated for 20+ years outdoors, these tags are not going to become illegible anytime soon.

In addition to durability, these labels can feature any information you desire. Whether it is simply a logo and “property of” or images and a barcode, photo anodization can do it all.

Digital/Screen Printing

Need to add some color to your design? Whether for color coding or to make your tags stand out, color designs are available with printing.

Screen printing adds topical ink to a metal nameplate backing, while digital printing is typically used for custom polyester/vinyl labels.


While some types of metal identification are really only needed by a few select industries, custom property tags can find a use in any organization big or small. If you own property, it can be marked with property labels.

A few examples of common industries include:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Recreation
  • And Many More
Metal Marker good quality metal asset tag VS Brady Corporation Company asset tag


In short, property tags are a simple but very effective method of marking your company’s assets. From simple labels which mark property, to scannable tags with custom information, the potential opportunities are endless.

Our team can work with you to find the perfect property tag solutions for your business. With our years of experience in the industry, we know how to make the process easy for you so that you can focus on what’s important – your business. Contact us today to learn more about our property tags and how they can benefit your company.



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