Metal Marker has the capability for engraving, etching, and custom stamp production. We also strive to create innovative solutions such as our QuickPull tags. These options open up worlds of customization for custom fonts, logos, and designs for your nameplates. Expect nothing but the highest quality from us.


It doesn’t make sense to use embossed or stamped tags for every situation. That’s why we pride ourselves on having a full array of options for processes. For example, the engraving process offers its own unique features. Some prefer the appearance of engraving, or the ability to engrave thicker material. Engraving allows for deeper cuts into the metal than other processes. It also is fully customizable. Each character is engraved one at a time, which means you can have any design you want. Plus, it opens up the ability for serialized or variable data.


If other processes aren’t quite right, etching can be a perfect alternative. It offers major flexibility when it comes to material. It doesn’t need to be a specific thickness. Another added feature is the etch and fill process. This allows for color to be added to your characters or design. Its high level of customization can make it the perfect fit for many applications.


We also have the ability to produce high quality custom stamps. Whether it’s stamping a company logo, embossing a unique font, or some other unique design; we can make it happen. Since our stamps are heat treated, we only need to make the stamp once. One stamp will last a lifetime. So while there are some up-front costs in getting a stamp made, once it’s done you’ll never need to replace it. It will work just as well producing 100 tags or 1,000,000. Our expertise means your stamp will be of the highest quality, and made right the first time.


At Metal Marker we never settle for good enough. That’s why we continue to innovate and create better solutions. Our QuickPull tags are designed to make application a breeze. Quickpull tags save you not only time and money, but takes one extra task out of your day. Simply grab the easy-to-pull tab and peel. No more struggling with hard to peel adhesive labels.

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Our quality management system is both ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.

Our quality management system is both ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.



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