Any company that works in heavy industry or operates in harsh conditions is going to need equipment to match. It’s important not only that equipment can perform, but that you’re able to track it too. However, the typical label will erode away under such extreme conditions, which makes it harder to track assets and important data. Inscribing important information on high-quality metal labels will resist the rigors of business and keep the information intact.

Why Metal Labels?

Metal labels are common features in various industrial pursuits thanks to the advantages they have over label alternatives. Their primary advantages include extreme durability, resistance to abrasion and weather and the ability to withstand solvents and chemicals. When you need your labeling to withstand combative environments, extreme temperatures or the vacuum of space, metal is the way to go.

However, resilience isn’t the only reason metal tags and labels are industry standards in fields such as the military or oil and gas. It’s possible to inscribe information so reliably and precisely that you can imprint detailed information and barcodes on your metal tags. It’s not uncommon for tags to feature an accurate company logo, website information, phone numbers and more. This combination of resilience and accuracy is essential to operations in industries like:


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  • Aerospace
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Energy
  • Oil and gas utilities
  • Military
Metal Flat Tags

Use Cases for Metal Labels

Virtually anything a company needs to track with metal nameplates, ID tags or other information is suitable for metal tags and labels. From individual pieces of equipment and personnel up to space shuttle components, labels of aluminum or steel provide identifying information and important data. You can even brand a metal tag with graphics, your company logo and other information. This flexibility means there are dozens of use cases where a metal tag or label is your best choice, such as:

  • Aerospace nameplates
  • CSC plates
  • Tag barcodes
  • Forklift data plates
  • Complex imaging tags
  • Cremation tags
  • Metal ID tags
  • Telephone pole tags
  • Locker tags
  • Mining tags
  • Property tags
  • Shellfish tags
  • Utility pole tags
  • Valve tags
  • QR code tags
  • Safety tags
  • Inventory tags

Different Materials for Metal Labels

When you’re thinking about ordering custom metal labels, it’s essential to understand the different materials available. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages that make it better or worse in certain circumstances. At Metal Marker Manufacturing, we offer labels and tags made of aluminum, stainless steel and brass.

Metal Flat Tag Manufacturing

Why Choose Metal Marker?

No matter what shapes, sizes or other details you have in mind for your metal labels, Metal Marker Manufacturing is up to the task. We’ve worked in the industry from our office and facilities in North Ridgeville, Ohio, from our beginnings in 1923. For a century, we’ve represented some of the best of made-in-America products and intend to always continue doing so. While we’re proud of our traditions and long history in the industry, though, we don’t by any means rest on our laurels. We’ve stayed on top of new technologies and always strive to be the best in quality, service and price.

Custom Metal Labels

Our custom metal label production capabilities are world-class and can meet your requirements for practical strength, brand representation and more. Our process produces extremely durable metal tags and labels of most any shape and size, with your choice of Photo Anodizing, stamping, etching or embossing processes. We can ensure that any text, graphics or logo on your labels will last for years to come.

Top Quality at a Reasonable Price

If all we did was deliver durable metal labels, Metal Marker wouldn’t stand out as well as it does. However, our century in business has made us experts in every process that goes into our operations. We deliver high-durability labels and tags in shipments that are accurate down to the business day. Furthermore, we emphasize excellent customer service by training each representative to a high standard. Whenever you reach out to our office, you’ll be talking to someone who understands your industry and concerns. Our outstanding professional standards for employees ensure you’ll enjoy the best experience when you choose to work with Metal Marker Manufacturing. To top it off, all these advantages come at a competitive price within our industry.

The Metal Marker Advantage

At Metal Marker Manufacturing, we have an unparalleled level of experience serving customers in different industries. No matter where you’re coming from, we’re certain our custom metal labels will fulfill your needs. If you’re interested in a partnership, please call us at 1-800-428-0095 and learn more about what we have to offer your company. We look forward to working with you and hope to see you become another loyal partner of Metal Marker Manufacturing.