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Anodized Aluminum Tags

Anodized aluminum tags are treated with an electrochemical process. This electrolytic passivation process improves the resistance to corrosion for the anodized tags. In addition, the process strengthens against wear and tear. During anodization, color can be added to the aluminum for a stand-out appearance.

Why Use Anodized Aluminum?


Whether your tag is going in a warehouse full of chemicals or a rainy construction site, durability is always a concern. Anodized aluminum tags are made to hold up in tough environments in nearly any industry.

The anodization process introduces anti-corrosive properties to the material, allowing it to withstand water and chemical exposure. They’re also strong enough to last through weather conditions and exposure to the outdoors.

Simply put, these are industrial tags for industrial use. Anodized tags are made to handle your environment.


Need your tags to stand out?

At Metal Marker, we offer a wide range of colors for any industry needs. Coloring the aluminum material makes for a visually striking design.

Bright colored nameplates are great for low visibility environments, or just to make the message pop.

Use a bright yellow hazard tag for a safety message that no one will miss.

This also opens up the possibility for color coding your equipment. For example, put a blue tag on pipe valves to indicate water, or a red tag to indicate heat. The choice is yours, and the options are endless.


  • Manufacturing
  • Utility
  • Energy
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Military
  • And Many More!

Process Choices


Photo anodized tags are only available with anodized aluminum material. This process is versatile due to its durability and customization.

MetalPhoto nameplates are rated for 20+ years outdoors in all weather conditions. Plus, unlike ink printing, the design can’t simply be scratched off or worn away.

Full customization means your tags can feature any text, image, design, or info you could possibly want. If you have a design, we can put it on a tag. This includes serialized numbers and/or variable data on each tag.

We can add holes for mounting or adhesive backing for a quick and easy application


Our embossing process embeds the design upwards into the metal, leaving raised characters when it is complete. These raised impressions are not only durable, but also very easy to read.

Anodized embossed tags are often used for marking valves and pipes. For example, anodizing a tag for a steam trap valve makes it more resistant to water or steam.

Need your tags in a series of numbers or different info on each tag? Anodized embossed tags are perfect for serialization as well as variable information.


Here are just a few examples of the uses for anodized aluminum tags:

  • Valve tags
  • Steam Trap tags
  • Asset tags
  • Oil Sample Point
  • Super elevation Tags
  • Inventory management
  • Asset tracking
  • Many more!


At Metal Marker, we make tags for you. The nameplates you get from us are not some off-the-shelf solution. They are designed and manufactured to your specifications and requirements. This means the end product you get is tailor-made for the application you need it for.

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