QR codes have become an essential tool for modern companies. Used for everything from labeling and tracking to managing inventory, these pixelated squares can do it all. Whether you’re looking for a new organizational system or an easy way to process information, here’s how your business can benefit from QR code metal tags.

What Are QR Codes?

First developed by a Japanese auto company in 1994, quick response — or QR — codes are square-shaped patterns that provide immediate access to electronic data when scanned. Since their creation, the use of these tiny codes has spread to countless industries.

Unlike standard line-based barcodes, QR codes are capable of storing large amounts of data. From an industry perspective, this means they have enormous potential. With a quick scan, your team can access swaths of information and transfer data in seconds.

QR code scans on metal tags provide a unique number that can generate a tracking record

QR Code Applications

QR codes are increasingly common today for consumer applications — companies can use them on everything from metal business cards to menus and more. But customers aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of this tool.

A metal business card with an engraved QR code is the perfect way to display all your contact information and services through your website for new customers

For professionals who spend much of their time concerned with facilitating inventory, QR code labels are a popular way to keep track of goods and locate information in an instant. And for businesses with countless assets to manage, QR codes make for an easy monitoring system.

With so many ways to use QR tags, they’ve gained widespread use in industries such as:

The Benefits of QR Code Labels

Besides giving daily processes a modern upgrade, there are several factors that make QR code labels well worth the investment. Here are some benefits you can look for when you incorporate this tool into your business.

Increased Efficiency

Managing assets and equipment leaves you with a lot to keep track of. Handwritten records may be a thing of the past, but even computerized methods need someone to input data. Manually adding information to your system is time-consuming and leaves room for error. Plus, it’s not readily available when you need to access it.

This is where QR codes come in. Simply by scanning a label, your team can take inventory, monitor status, check stock levels and access sales information in seconds. With just a code, you can add and refer to data in seconds, drastically increasing efficiency over time.


Part of the beauty of QR codes is that they’re endlessly customizable. Add them to product labels for an easy way to track assets and prevent theft. Or transition to a code-based inventory system for easy cataloging. Use a dynamic QR code to link to information pages that can be changed or updated based on your needs.

There are countless ways to use QR codes for your business. From sharing information with a simple scan to enhancing your organizational process, custom labels can transform daily operations. Get creative to find the best solutions for your team.

Improved Accuracy

Unfortunately, administrative errors are impossible to avoid. Whether it’s lost sales or missing inventory, these mistakes can be costly. Luckily, they can be minimized with help from QR codes.

Simply scan a code to transmit its status or location to your records — no manual input required. This eliminates human errors, but it also means you won’t waste funds on unnecessary stock or disappoint customers by running out unexpectedly.

vCard QR code sign concept image

Why Choose Metal?

The benefits of using QR code labels are obvious — but why metal? Plastic or paper may be the material of choice for many businesses, but this is a common mistake. In fact, the best QR code material for heavy industries is metal.

The right material makes it easy to take advantage of these tiny squares. Here’s why metal holds up above the rest.

Easy Reading for All Devices

Competing materials such as plastic are often hard for devices to read. They tend to catch the light, creating a glare that must be blocked before the code can be scanned. Though this seems like a minor inconvenience, frequently stopping to find a glare-free angle will quickly become unsustainable. With so much wasted time, the efficiency of your QR codes will be rendered nonexistent.

On the other hand, metal QR codes can be specially designed for easy reading. Codes crafted using a photo anodization process can be given a matte finish, eliminating pesky glare. That way, whether your team uses scanners or mobile phones, they can read any QR code in seconds.

Enhanced Durability

Industrial use calls for heavy-duty QR codes. Standard labels are often delicate, meaning they don’t hold up under harsh conditions. Because of this, they’ll need to be replaced frequently, interrupting you mid-task to find a new QR code or enter the information manually. This is inefficient and increases the risk of costly errors.

Metal codes are much more reliable than their competitors. They’re extremely durable, holding up under intense weather, high temperatures and harsh chemicals. For fields that need high-performing equipment at all levels, metal is the obvious material of choice. With metal labels, you can apply QR codes knowing they’ll last.

Metal Marker: Experts in Metal Tags and Labels

Unique problems call for unique solutions. Whether you’re looking for a more efficient way to track shipments or to pass along information to your team, metal QR code labels are the perfect tool. And to create the best labels, there’s no better partner than Metal Marker Manufacturing.

Metal Marker has helped businesses in dozens of industries implement QR codes in their daily operations. With several printing methods to choose from, it’s never been easier to get high-quality custom labels.

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