The energy industry faces its own set of unique challenges and tasks. One step that many organizations take to combat these challenges and increase efficiency: custom metal nameplates.

From oil sample point nameplates to metal cable ties for identifying wires, there is a custom metal identification solution for every need.


One of the main benefits to metal identification is aiding in inspections. Energy companies face frequent checks of their equipment, piping, valves, and more. While they may sometimes seem like a hassle, they are very important.

For example, installing valve nameplates with clear information makes inspections less time consuming, while also providing accurate information.

Safety Warnings

Maintaining clear and prominent safety warnings is vital in an industrial work environment. Energy companies work with potentially dangerous equipment, chemicals, and machines on a regular basis. Providing proper safety information means fewer accidents and injuries.

Plus, industry specific OSHA guidelines often feature mandates for safety warnings. Make sure your organization is up to the most recent standards. Proper identification nameplates help ensure your equipment is up to code and good to go.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking using a barcode scanning system creates tremendous efficiencies within an organization. It provides the ability to effectively monitor and utilize assets and equipment.

In addition to barcodes, serialized number nameplates are often used for individual parts or equipment tracking.

These solutions not only provide operational benefits, but also prevent mix-ups and the potential for theft.


Identification data plates serve a very important purpose. They effectively deliver pertinent information about a given asset, tool, equipment piece, etc.

This may include manufacturer info, usage guidelines, weight tolerances, psi limits, etc.

Any info that an operator or worker may need to know can be put on a metal identification nameplate.


Energy companies often subject their equipment to tough conditions.

Everyday use can mean wear and tear, outdoor environments, weather, chemicals, and more.

Identification plates need to match this same level of durability.

Two of the most popular processes for this industry are photo anodization and embossing.

Examples of Applications

Oil Refineries

Oil refineries use metal identification solutions for a wide range of tasks.

Color coding and high durability is often a must. They often turn to photo anodization for these applications.

Highly visible metal nameplates make identifying a pipe or valve in a sometimes dark and dirty environment significantly easier. Plus, high visibility means being able to see at a distance.

Cable Ties

The energy industry is a heavy user of metal cable ties. These metal tags are an elongated rectangle with a slimmer tail end, designed to wrap around a cylindrical shape and connect. This allows for the nameplate to be applied without any hardware or adhesives.

Metal cable ties are used to identify pipes, bunches of wires, cables, and more. They are durable enough to hold up to work environments, yet flexible enough to make attachment easy.

Photo Anodization

Photo anodized nameplates feature designs that are embedded directly underneath the anodic layers of the aluminum. The designs can be any image or text you desire.

These nameplates are perfect for the energy industry since they can last upwards of 20+ years in outdoor environments. Couple this with resistance to chemicals and wear & tear, and you have an excellent solution.


Embossed nameplates offer designs which are pressed upwards, creating raised characters in the metal material. These nameplates are incredibly durable as the characters will stay visible for many years.

Similarly to photo anodization, they are durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions for 20+ years.

Embossed nameplates are great for large scale runs of serialized numbers and/or variable data. Need to mark hundreds or thousands of valves in your factory or refinery? Look no further than embossing.


Energy organizations need high durability, customization, and ease of use. That’s why custom metal identification nameplates are so effective.

Proper identification means saving time, increased efficiency, and safety. Whether it’s asset tracking or simply cable wire identifying, there is a metal nameplate solution for every energy industry problem.