Photo anodization is a unique process in which an image is sealed into anodized aluminum. The graphic is then protected by an outside anodic layer. As a result, the tags provide incredible durability. The design can be very high resolution. This provides an unlimited amount of customization. 


How long does Photo Anodization last?

Above all else, photosensitive anodized aluminum is a highly durable product. The process was developed to handle harsh environments. It also outperforms similar products. The expected lifespan for Photo anodization is 20+ years.

It can tackle tough conditions including: inclement weather, high temperature, corrosion, abrasion, and even harsh chemicals. Photo anodization can handle almost anything.

It will also outlast screen printing or decals, and gives you nearly unlimited design options. Compared to traditional stamped or embossed metal tags which are more restricted.

Since the tag is made from anodized aluminum, it is not only strong, but also lightweight. This means no worries about adding significant bulk or weight to your equipment.


What is Photo Anodization Used For?

Photo anodization products have a wide range of uses. There are uses for any application you can imagine. Due to the high quality of the image, they can also be used when high detail is important.

For example, many organizations use them for barcode tags. The high resolution of the image means your bar code will also be highly accurate. As a result, the long lasting durability means your barcode won’t fade anytime soon.

Photo Anodization Uses:


The name of the game with Photo anodization is total customization. In short: if you can dream it, it can be made.
The entire process is custom to meet the specs you desire. When ordering, you have many choices to select from.

As a result of the Photo anodization process, the design is black on natural aluminum backing. Your image will also be in high resolution, eliminating imperfections, and keeping your information 100% accurate.

Furthermore, the product will look great, and function even better.

If you want to give your tags even more of a pop, there are background coloring choices available as well.

The next thing to consider are finishes. There are various finish options for the material. Need a subdued matte look? No problem. How about a glossy shine that catches the eye? Done. Does it need to stick to something? Throw an adhesive backing on it. If there’s a need, Photo anodization can fulfill it.

  • Shape/Size
  • Thickness
  • Holes
  • Ends/Corners
  • Serialized/Variable Data


What is Photo anodization?

Simply put: one of the best metal tag solutions.

The best way to describe Photo anodization is unlimited potential. Use any image, design, or info. Create nearly any shape or size. There are endless options, tailored to your needs, and made exactly to your specs.