The various sheet sizes of photo anodized aluminum material provide a high level of versatility in terms of metal tag production. Metalphoto tags can be sized from just a few inches, to a massive sign utilizing an entire aluminum sheet. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

What is Photo Anodization?

Most of the methods for putting information on metal tags are pretty straightforward. A stamp presses into the metal, laser designs are etched in, or ink is applied via a screen printing process. However, photo anodization is a unique process.

This process uses a special photosensitive anodized aluminum material. When the material is processed, the desired information is embedded under the layers of aluminum.

MetalPhoto Sample Metal Marker Manufacturing .020 Satin

This creates an incredibly durable solution which will hold up to harsh industrial conditions.

Photo anodized tags can feature any information, design, or imaging. This includes barcodes, logos, and even large-scale designs like architectural schematics or pictures.

MetalPhoto Sheet Size Options

MetalPhoto sheets are available in a wide range of sizes. With so many size options, there are endless possibilities for tag designs.

Varying sheet size creates opportunities for both new applications as well as production efficiency.

Larger sheets lead the way for big designs. This includes signage and other applications. If sizes were limited to only smaller sheets, this would not be feasible.

Manufacturers also benefit from a range of sheet sizes. Small sheets can be used to save on material cost for small production runs. This cost savings can then be passed onto the customer, allowing for lower order prices.

MetalPhoto Sheet Sizes include:

  • 10” x 12”

  • 12” x 20”

  • 20” x 24”

  • 24” x 40”

Which MetalPhoto Size is Best for my Application?


For many applications, all it takes is a small metal nameplate to convey the proper information. For example, if you are going to just adhere a simple barcode tag to an asset, a small size nameplate is perfect. It provides the capability of scanning without adding a bulky plate to your equipment.

Data Matrix Code Tag

Tags with smaller dimensions are also preferable for fitting into tight industrial spaces. For example, valve tags sometimes have to squeeze into close quarters.

The best part utilizing smaller sheets is that you can save on cost. For example, if you need a ton of nameplates with small dimensions, they might all fit onto a small sheet. This saves the manufacturer from having to use extra material, and in turn, will reduce the price of your tags.


Medium sized tags are best suited for nameplates. These durable plates are typically used to mark and identify equipment, shipping containers, and other machinery. Sometimes referred to as data plates, nameplates, or even placards, medium sized photo anodized plates are incredibly versatile.

UID IUID Mil Std 130 Example Tag Property of US Government

High durability and custom information means these nameplates are ready to accommodate any industry’s unique needs.

This also includes plates with QR codes or data matrix codes. These codes allow for the tracking of assets and the exchange of information.


Does your application call for something bigger? Large MetalPhoto sheets can be processed into full size signs or nameplates. With large sheets, there is the ability to create tags in many shapes and sizes.


For example, if you need a large warning sign that will remain legible even in harsh industrial environments, MetalPhoto is a great solution.

Since any design or image can be embedded in the material, the only real limits are what you can imagine. These large sheets have been used for large diagrams of architectural schematics. This makes for a highly durable and visually striking piece that can be used on a construction site or as a display piece.


Photo anodization can be sized to fit your needs. From custom fitting to equipment, to packing a ton of information in a small area, MetalPhoto can do it all.

Whether you need 5000 small asset tags with QR codes or 50 huge safety signs – photo anodization can provide a long-lasting solution for you.