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Identification is important. It’s not just a sign on a machine. It makes sure equipment is operated correctly. It keeps you and your co-workers safe. It keeps your organization running smoothly.

At Metal Marker, we strive to provide the highest quality custom ID solutions.

Our custom nameplates are built exactly to your specifications. No matter the application, we have the right ID solution for you.


One of the most important factors when it comes to identification products is durability.

Our metal nameplates are made with a variety of materials and processes to best fit the application.

Make sure you know what type of environment the plate will be used in – this is a major factor in your product selection.


Stamping and Embossing are reliable solutions which indent or raise characters in the metal itself.

The MetalPhoto process embeds information under a protective layer in the aluminum material. It is fully customizable, and includes the option for barcodes.

These solutions are highly durable (rated for 20+ years outdoors). They’re made to hold up to the grit and grime of tough work environments.

Other processes include engraving, etching, and screen printing.

Engraving and etching provide highly-customizable options. Engraving leaves deep cuts in the material for visibility, while etching can provide a solid color fill.

For applications which require full-color designs, screen printing is a great choice. These processes are excellent options depending on your environment.


  • Aluminum

  • Stainless Steel

  • Cold Rolled Steel

  • Brass


Custom Nameplates are used in nearly every industry and application imaginable. MetalPhoto nameplates are customizable with any image, design, or information.

These aluminum plates are great for tracking assets such as equipment by adding barcodes. The high durability of using metal material means your ID solution will hold up in harsh environments.

Industries such as aerospace rely on metal nameplates for their identification needs. Aircraft placards are vital for safety, as well as meeting required aviation standards.